New York Waste


Email Spoofing (Faking or Forging) of addresses


Any spam email you have received did not come from us.


We, as well as you, are the victims of spammers who are forging/faking/spoofing email addresses. The spam was not sent from any of our facilities or email addresses. It was totally beyond our control, and we regret very much that we cannot stop it.


We had nothing to do with such spam, which is a misrepresentation of our good name. All email addresses are used for our business and private purposes. Our email addresses are not available to others. We do not send, and have never sent, spam email of any sort.


Non-existent email addresses are being given as the "return" address in spam email, for example,  and many others along similar lines. If you have received such spam email we are sorry, but emphasize that it was nothing to do with us and was beyond our control.


We are doing all we can to stop this misuse.


In all these instances the "(mis) users" of the email addresses have neither the authority nor the internet capability to use the email addresses involved. If you respond to any of these non-existent email addresses (or your vacation message does so on your behalf), you are likely to get an autoresponder message from us saying the same sort of things as this page.


For more about email spoofing, try a worldwide search using the words (but not as a phrase) email spoofing spam . You can also search using the combinations forged email or spam spoofing or spoofing email


But please don't do anything which might result in being wrongly blacklisted as a spammer!


Thank you for your understanding, and we hope the rest of your day is a good one.