My Guitar Is Pregnant - Mickey Leigh


How many Punks does it take to screw in a light bulb?
At least two, but as many as you can fit in there.

Bands are born and die, but punk lives on. Then it dies. Then it comes back.

And so does the magazine. Ah, the spirit of the old punk mag.

How many punks does it take to screw a light bulb socket?
2 - One to stick his dick in the socket and another to piss in his buddies beer and laugh while his pal fries.

Two of my idols, LEGS McNEIL and JOHN HOLMSTROM - the award winning journalist and editor/artist- are back in action together. Back in ''75, the two buddies from Conn. came to the rotten apple and made a fermented, intoxicating sauce called Punk Magazine. Famous for things like using dog turd shapes to spell out Lester Bangs' name. Hopefully they will continue to do what they learned people like me and the NY WASTE to do: equalize the hype. Another one of my idols is also aboard this time. When I first read GEORGE TABB many years ago, I thought he was like a Legs McNeil in short pants. Now he's like a Legs in stretch pants. Can't wait to watch the sparks fly, even if their out of my ears.


Hey, it happens. He'd been working very hard. After DGen there was PCP HIGHWAY, then TSING TSING and now JESSE MALIN is in Bellvue. Must be getting some good therapy, as Jesse seems to have given up the ghosts of X-stars past (Dolls, Stones, various Glam-Trashers) and now seems to be more influenced by music that hasn't yet been made. Very original - and the best of his efforts to date. At least that's how it sounded to me from his show at Joey Ramone's Continental Christmas party, where Joey was in such a merry mood he even allowed the club's owner onto his own stage w/guitar to play a couple songs with him. Before that Joey's little brother came out, solo, and did a mutated and mutilated version of the BEE GEE's beautiful song "HOLIDAY", which left the crowd in tears.

Now, back to Bellvue for a quick interview with the head nurse:

1. You've been through several record companies and band changes over the last couple of years but have endured and are still going strong. Do you take vitamins?
Yes, I take wheat grass injections and I snort spiralina constantly!!!

2. Do you think Clive Davis, who nurtured the careers of artists like Patti Smith, can do the same for O-TOWN?
Do you think O-T is better than say...98 degrees.
Do you think they'd be better off combining them into one band called O Degrees?
Sorry, I don't know those fine artists; but I am sure they have a lot of soul or sole.

3. You've had band names like Tsing Tsing (nickname for Ossining State Prison) and Bellvue. Have you ever been institutionalized?
Yes, I got aressted once for bad spelling.
No, I got arrested for flyering in NY city and spent 3 days in the tombs. I was going to run the marathon and couldn't go due to the lock up; so next time I will do the marathon.

4. Rather than describe your bands' sound in my un-usual cliches, why don't you just fill in the blanks:
Sounds like noise meets melody meets having a lot of fun with it!
(need more blanks?)

Let's hear about this disc you've got comin' out.
We are almost done with the Bellvue cd. It's gonna be on a new label called Rebirth records and its produced by Bryce Goggin who did Spacehog, Breeders, the Lemonheads, Pavement, Phish and some bands you might have heard of: the Ramones and DGeneration. It's gonna come out early spring. The title is still unknown? The band includes Joe Rizzo drums; Esko guitar; Johnny bass and my self singing dancing and playing guitar. We are recording in an old church in upstate New York. Check out our website for live dates and further updates.


The Waste writers made 2 resolutions this new year: to be more productive and more helpful. We had this resolution in 93', 96' 98' and 99' and feel we are on the verge of achieving those goals. If we can keep up this pace , then by around 2006 we should really be outdoing ourselves. To kick-start this res. into action, I'll now be adding a movie consumer guide to this monthly column. "Working harder and hardly helping. Helping you by hardly working." One of our many mottos here.