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After countless reality shows, I was skeptical at first over the concept of a "rock and roll" version of American Idol. However, Dave Navarro has always been influential in the music scene, so I decided to see for myself if "Rock Star INXS" was worthy of my and the other viewers across the globe's attention. The premiere episode I missed, but the second one had me hooked. My fellow band mate and I tuned in together to choose our favorite choices for the new lead singer of INXS. There will never be another Michael Huthence, but Neil from Bona Roba would have been my choice for INXS Part II... (Neil did not win the show, but he did manage to make an impression on me enough to want to interview him for our beloved paper)...

I've been reading about how all of you speak Italian fluently, what was the inspiration motivating each of you to learn the language?
Phil: I've known the language my whole life. My mother used to sing to me in Italian, and my father would curse at me in Italian. My Grandfather once told me, "Knowing the Italian language is like knowing the path to a woman's heart."
Louis: Easy Italian women.

If you were asked to cast a celebrity to portray each of you in a movie about your life, whom would you choose and why?
Neal: I'd want Steven Seagal. it would be a good role for him and I think it would get him back in the spotlight.
Phil: Benicio Del Toro, I'd like to see him learn bass guitar for the role.
Louis: Sylvester Stallone. He is the greatest actor of my lifetime.

If Neal became the new lead singer for INXS, you would replace him with...
We would replace Neal with Corey Haim... He needs a job.
Louis: David Lee Roth.

Who will win Rockstar INXS?
Neal: Beats me.
Phil: I'd like to think no one will win.
Louis: Not Neal, so who cares?

Who deserves to win?
Neal: Any one of them. I'd like to see one of the girls take it.
Phil: I don't know.
Louis: Me.

If you weren't rockstars, you second career choice would be...
Neal: Milkman.
Phil: Blacksmith.
Louis: American war hero.

How would you describe the perfect date in 2005 and do you think chivalry is dead or alive today?
Hot oil massages, chocolate cake and Prince.
Phil: Rosa’s pizza, Uncle Louie G's for Italian ices... then wine and slow dancing in the mirror at my place. I do not think chivalry is dead. A beautiful woman must be treated like a princess.
Louis: Dinner at Joe Abbracciamento's in Woodhaven. Chivalry is overrated.

What are the top five best songs ever written?
Five that come to mind 1. Stevie Wonder - As 2. Carly Simon - You're So Vain 3. Sam Cooke - A Change is Gonna Come 4. Guns n' Roses - Mr. Brownstone 5. Frank Black - Speedy Marie.
Phil: In no specific order 1. Station to Station-- Bowie, 2. Calistan/or Western Star--Frank Black, 3. Rosanna--Toto, 4. Voodoo Child-- Jimi Hendrix, 5. Can't you hear me knockin' –Stones.
Louis: 1. George Harrison "Not Guilty", 2. Randy Holden "Peace of Mind", 3. CCR "Effigy" 4. King Crimsom "Moonchild", 5. Rolling Stones "Rip This Joint".

Tell me about the best songs your band has written...
"Madame Chung" is a tune about a whorehouse in Chinatown. It hasn't been released yet, but teenage girls are going to be singing it in a year.
Phil: Listen to the album. I always dig newer songs more because they're fresh, so I agree with Neal.
Louis: Cunningham Park is one of many. I like it.

Do you have any favorite venues you like to perform at?
Neal: Southpaw. Doug is a sweetheart.
Phil: Irving Plaza, & Southpaw.
Louis: Yeah, the ones that pay us the most.

What sort of advice would you give to other musicians?
Don't write shitty music.
Phil: Be true to your inner beast.
Louis: There are too many musicians, stop playing.

Please share with our readers your favorite guilty pleasures...
Neal: The movie "the notebook". I cried like a baby for 10 minutes after it was over. touching film.
Phil: Sometimes I find myself with a pint of Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Crunch ice cream, laughing out loud like a fool, to the sitcom King of Queens'.
Louis: My love of bunnys.

Where do you see yourselves in five years?
Neal: In Italy touring the countryside.
Phil: In 5 years I'll be beginning a five year vacation.
Louis: Queens, NY.

Thanks so much guys.
Much luv,
Adena :)

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