On this day, Sept. 11th, 2008,
Pat Harrington (Gaggle of Cocks)
speaks with NY Waste about
the good, the bad and the ugly of the
Rock'n'Roll scene in NYC and
the rest of the pissin' world...

Photographed by Lucky Lawler

Being that it is Sept 11th, I can't even begin without mentioning Johnny " Heff" Heffernan, who was the founder, songwriter and rhythm guitarist for The Bullys. He was also a firefighter and died at the WTC doing his job, just like thousands of others who died that day, just doing their job. I only knew Johnny for a year or two, but he had a great effect on me. I'm good buddies with Beertruck, and when he joined the Bullys on bass, I became a huge fan and eventually I became friends with all of them. To this day, I think they are the greatest punk band to come out of NYC since the 70's and Johnny was the driving force behind them. Johnny also worked very hard at trying to create a scene for all the NYC bands and to be honest, he was really the first one to take notice of me and GOC, he sorta vouched for us and helped us break into the whole Continental/CBGB's circuit. I still miss him very much.
Strangely enough, I believe that the attacks on 9/11 also had a lot to do with the rock n roll scene we had here a few years ago. After the attacks, all New Yorkers wanted to do was drink, do drugs, get laid and have a good time. I mean we were all gonna die anyway, right? Might as well have a good time doin it. When you look at the bands that came out of that scene: SLUNT, Joker Five Speed, Banana Fish Zero, Sex Slaves, Devil's County Death Cult, Pisser, Queen V, Supervillain, etc… A lot of us were just playing straight up, no bullshit, good-time, guitar-driven, new-york-city-rock-n-fuckin-roll… it was a great time to be around, there was a band to see every night of the week, we all went to each other's shows, partied at Three of Cups, it was like being at a rock n roll frat party…awesome shit.

The Gaggle of Cocks are back with a vengence... what are you guys up to, and tell us who is in GOC.

First of all, our debut album, American Trash, which we made back in 2002 has just been released internationally through Screaming Ferret Wreckords and Locomotive Records! I would have never believed after all these years that some kid will actually be able to walk into a store and pick up a gaggle of cocks CD… only in America! The CD is the same one we had back in the day, but we gave it a facelift. Tor (of Joker Five Speed fame) redesigned the artwork for us and he did an incredible job! Now, finally, I think the record looks as good (or as dirty) as it sounds! So everyone should go to their local record store or online retailer and buy it.
There's trash on the streets, people! American Trash! Help save the environment! Go green! Pick up the TRASH!__AMERICAN TRASH. When the record deal with Screaming Ferret started to develop, it kinda lit a fire under my ass to do some new GOC tunes. It had been a few years since we wrote any new material and I wanted to change things up a bit, so we brought in Chris Goercke (GSX, The Drew Blood) on guitar and John Macaluso on drums and started writing. For the first time, GOC has a two guitar attack, something I really want to exploit. Chris, of course, is a master on guitar and it has been a blast getting to write and play together. Freddy has known Chris and Johnny Mac for a million years, so bringing them in actually was very easy to do and the new line up definitely brought more power to the GOC sound.
We recorded five tunes in March at Threshold Studios, I did all the editing, mixing, etc at my home studio. In addition, Tor did a bunch of vocals for us and Freddy and I even got our ladies involved on some singing. It's basically a demo, but we are so happy with it, we decided to post the tracks on our MySpace page and start floating the CD's around. Known as the Threshold Sessions, it is just the beginning of what we hope will become GOC's second full-length release.
We are currently working on a new batch of tunes, however, this time we have Roger Benton (Joker Five Speed, Night Kills The Day) behind the drums. I have known Roger for years and always wanted to play with him, when the opportunity arose, I had to take it. Already, he has been an incredible addition; his power, swing, and groove are exactly what I think this band needed.
We'll be doing our first show with the new line-up on November 14th at The Delancey as part of the Annual '10 Days of Wood'. This will also be the first time we play the new material live, so it should be interesting. It'll either be a total disaster or a totally sweet, either way, it's gonna be a blast, I promise you that.

Tell us about Killcode

I was playing guitar for The Drew Blood and Tom, the singer from KILLCODE, was at the very first show I did with them. KILLCODE was a brand new project and they were looking for another guitarist. The next day, Tom sent my MySpace link to Chas, the guitar player. The funny part is, Chas and I already knew each other, we had done a few shows together when I was in SLUNT and he was in Dirty Rig, so he contacted me and eventually sent me some demos. It was a great situation for me to join, I actually liked the music they sent me, which is weird, cause I hate EVERYTHING! All the guys in the band are total pros and we all have similar experiences and the same goals. They already knew what kind of guitar player I was, so it was real easy to slip in and start doing my thing.
We recorded our debut EP, 'To Die For' at Riverfront Studios in Greenpoint, done a bunch of shows in and around the NYC area and the response has been fuckin incredible! The MySpace page has taken off like nothing I've ever seen and people are flipping about the tunes. Ya'll will be seeing the CD's floating around town within the next few weeks.
I am excited to see what we can do, I've been having a blast with these guys and writing some really cool shit, unless we shoot ourselves in the foot or drive off a cliff, I think you'll be hearing a lot about KILLCODE in the near future.


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