Kickin' Ass!

I checked out the Philistines at Maxwell’s in Hoboken and what a rare treat it was…
You wanna know the difference between the good the bad & the ugly -- this was fucken GREAT!
Fronted by former Sex Pistol, Rich Kid and Iggy Pop, bass player Glen Matlock. These guys played classic punk pop busting with catchy hooks and vibrant energy. The rest of the band consists of former Professionals Ray Mc Veigh on lead guitar and backing vocals, Sinnerstar Koozie Johns on guitar & backing vocals and, solid as a rock, Chris Musto, formerly of Johnny Thunders, Michael Monroe, Joe Strummer to name but a few, on Drums and backing vocals.
Opening up with Yeah Right the pace was relentless from there on in. Other songs that stick in my mind were Okay Kiddo, Suck It And See, and Piece Of The Action. They wound up with a rip roaring version of Pretty Vacant, (by the way, my personal Pistols favorite) which of course Glen wrote and reminds us of what a great song writer he always has been.
They way they handled their music & instruments with a swaggering nonchalant that just stinks of dirty rock’n’roll.  It’s a breath of fresh air to see these guys all the way from the UK here on these shores.
It’s a good kick in the pants, a wake up call, a great reminder of how real rockers do it.  None of that posy crap the fucken music media try to ram down our starving throats.
So if you missed ‘em, don’t be a wanker, get online to and buy their fucken record. It’s worth every penny!!

Photos: Lucky Lawler 2010

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