Sex Slaves Back in the City

Photos: Lucky Lawler ©2009

Interview with Eric 13, Del Cheetah & J Bomb

After an eighteen months in LaLa Land, the Sex Slaves returned with a great new CD and there’s another one on its way…?

Recovering from being a rich-man’s plaything, the Sex Slaves return home with a kick-ass CD and massive tour.
NY Waste grabbed them for a few just before they embarked on their - 9 week US tour - 6 week Europe tour - then back to US for 8 weeks, these boys are keeping themselves on the road, with rumors of 6 months in Thailand…

J Bomb

“all those hookers!” “Bang-cock” “yeah, probably a transvestite brothel at that, you can’t always tell out there…” “The "Katoys"! “Seriously though, we are thinking Australia in December,” not a bad idea… “Basically just play all over the world.”
Feeling good to be back on the stage again… and they’re not going to wait 4 years to put out the next one, they hope to cut the new one by next year, we’ll see…

Whew! NY Waste readers want to know what happened out in LA?
“The FBI closed down the label… prostitution, drugs shit… they had dropped loads of money on our record and we get to walk away with it scot-free, so that’s kinda cool, so we’ll put this CD out ourselves initially and see what happens…”

With no record company and no backing, they have found themselves in a really interesting situation.
“Nowadays, even though it’s maybe easier to make the actual music, but it’s not as easy to make music and to live freely, that was the best part about the LA deal. We had someone allow us to make music and art freely without any money worries or anything like that.”


So how many girl friends do you have collectively?
“Just one that we share amongst the three of us…” “she’s on thin ice right now” “we might dump her” “she’s been 2 timing me” “she’s a sweet girl though” “I thought this was my week to get the mouth? Had the left hand last week.” “Doesn’t she have to have a vagina to be termed a ‘girl’” “not in Thailand!”
J Bomb is a Southern boy. “Anywhere, just pick a spot.” He says in his smoky southern drawl. “Been in NYC 20 yrs, so I’m a New Yorker by now...? I think.” “Did you say New Yorker or new porker?”
Dell is from Pennsylvania Dutch country. “I wasn’t allowed to listen to music until I was out of the house. Music was banned in ?my house.”
Eric comes from Camden, NJ – “The Murder Capital of the United States, beautiful town, burned out buildings, it’s right up there with Detroit.”

How have you grown over the last few years?
Del “We were a pretty new band when we put out that last record, then we got to Japan a couple of times, toured all over the fuckin’ US. Probably played close to 800 shows. When you’ve been on the road for that long it just changes your perception of life.”
Eric “on the previous record, every story happened at 3 Of Cups in NYC. On the new record, it happened all over the world.”
You’ll be surprised at the new direction that the Sex Slaves are going in. It’s fresh and exciting to hear.
Del “but after 19 months on the road, NYC still has the hottest bitches in the world!!”
Slaves all together “that is true, that is a true story.”

Best review:
“Go out and get the Sex Slaves new album and play it loud! My mate says he listens to it under the sheets and it works perfectly!”

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