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Here's what I found in me box this month...

April - bring on the rain!


Just in time for the rites of spring, EVIL BEAVER sends their “Models of Virtue EP” - Four songs that shoot from the hip, self styled slacker rock on the verge of combustion. Great stuff for rolling around in broken glass and other fun activities.


Feeling nasty… check out “Creeps and Lovers” from FRESHKILLS - Full power danger rockers with leanings towards the bizarre. Ferocious guitars, ripping vocals and a whole lot of boom, boom, boom. Black light tunes for slinky creatures and late night drinking, slip into something more comfortable and crank it up a notch.


Girls rule…
“Ghetto Rock” - Three grrls, smashing songs, great vocals with all the trimmings – punky power rock in the vein of Pat Beneta. They better watch out or they’ll end up on the MTV.


RELEASE THE BATS “The Birthday Party as heard through the meat grinder of” is one disc that lives up to its name. DAS OATH, T CELLS, SSION, EX MODELS, CHINESE STARS and SOME GIRLS are just a few of the 18 bands on this monster disc. Crass shit that pulls no punches… the end of days never sounded so good.


Fresh from the basement,
BATTLESHIP sends their latest self titled release - Raw and raunchy, a drop dead sound that hovers inches off the ground. Red line vocals and blood thirsty grooves, these boys are out to destroy. Post punk rocket fuel – this is one for the spiky, died and dirty.


Strangely wonderful… R.U.O.K. sends
“Arctic Warmth” - College rock that’s moved out on it’s own, a dynamic sound that sucks you in and swallows ya whole. Cool bits and nice breaks, well crafted songs that deserve a closer look.


Cool cover art…
THE NAYSAYERS send us their latest offering - Bad ass rock-n-rollers that know how to work a guitar, full on fun that will have ya coming back for more. AC/DC with a shot of Jack, great stuff for letting loose and getting your stomp on.


100% handmade, THE OUTSIDE send me “You Are The Alpha… Gracias Por Nada” - Powerful and passionate – a mix of full tilt riffs, melodic tunes and baby doll vocals that catches you by surprise. Bad when she wants to be, good when it fits the mood… I like it when she’s dirty. XOXOXO


Soundtrack to the end of the world, JOB FOR A COWBOY sends “Doom” - Black metal with nothing to lose, killer guitars cut through the onslaught of drums and sinister vocals. With a handshake from Satan on the cover you know it’s got to be good.


Heavy shit – ESCAPE GRACE send me “II” - Hardcore hits with heaps of metal to blow you away. Driving songs that take no prisoners, thunderous vocals and eighteen wheel guitars… these boys know where the action is.


Relentless drumming…
KRISIUN sends me “AssassiNation” - Machine gun metal from the depths of the abyss, flamethrower guitars and benthic vocals seal the deal. Instruments of torture not included.


Let’s get it on… LISA JACKSON + GIRL FRIDAY send us their latest rock steady stomper - A bit of this and some of that, a mix of styles that’s still searching for its audience. They’re not the Scissor Sisters, but they would like to be.


ARCH ENEMY sends me
“Doomsday Machine” and the walls are shaking - Big guitars, massive vocals and tons of doom – crusher tunes that refuse to go quietly into this dark night. Black metal misfits with their finger on the button and a skull tight smile on their face.

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