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April - 2005



BANTAM bring us Suicide Tourist syncopated rhythms - thriving three piece - climax frenzy. New, fresh, as raw as it comes... it'll send shock waves up your spine. A new brand of heavy rawk. Feel the driving force. Heavy Noise Records

LADY  UNLUCK bring us their vibrant, wild, Live And Shitty In New York City. Thank you lord for this here Punk Rock nasty grrl band. This all live gig, from CBGB's Nov 04, smashes you up, and beats you on the head with a banchee yell! Hell yeah! This is a great recording, non-stop mayhem, no breaks, no studio smooth-overs, just the pure raw Punk power that Lady Unluck knows best! These ladies deliver one hell of a punch! If you don't buy the record & go to the gigs, then you are a complete fuck-up!

The all-powerful QUEEN V is back with a vengeance.

The new self-titled - self released album has hit the streets at last! Her new material is guaranteed hard, fast and fierce. Full of fire, soul searching charismatic sweet tones of a voice forged in steel. This cd is made from the heat and pounding of her heart.

THE BLACKFIRE REVELATION sends "Gold and Guns On 51". A back alley mix of punk, core and noise that goes the extra mile. Drop dead fantastic.
APOCALYPTICA sends me "Reflections". Gypsy metal with hints of old world bliss. Great stuff if you're bored with the USA. Dark ages are back and none will be spared.
Fast times at rock-n-roll high... CHIXDIGGIT send me "Pink Razors", happy go lucky, punk rock sing-a-long for the entire family. Thirteen songs that shoot from the hip, gunning for a club near you.
The fight between light and dark continues... "The Blueprint Dives" comes from EXTOL. Black metal with sinister undertones, falling from grace to a disc dealer near you.
HARD SKIN send me "Same Meat Different Gravy". One for the core, a fully charged mix of guitar and vocals that will have you throwin down with the boys. Welcome to the next wave of close shave.
Friggin ahhh... it's the latest self titled release from JOE PERRY and it kicks. Slammin blues with attitude, he's out on his own and standing tall. Joe's got the licks and then some, what was that band he was in again?
Black Crows on meth... "Me And Otto" is the latest rocker from KISSINGER. Down and dirty, punk and blues that holds its own with stoners and drunks. A sweet sound all around.
The basement is on fire... KUNG FURY sends me their latest home made release. Bare bones rock-n-roll that doesn't try to hard. It don't get more honest than this.
LITTLE KING sends their "Virus Divine" but I don't know why. Wimp-pop that even your girlfriend would walk out on, a danger-free disc that should have never been sent to the waste.
For the dead, dying or those who wish that they could, NAPALM DEATH sends "The Code Is Red... Long Live The Code". End of the world heavy, a capital mix of guitars, drums and rhythms that would leave a lesser reviewer shaking in their boots.
Hell yeah... the N.Y. Rel-X send me "Sold Out Of Love". A wonderful mix of trash and punk, high octane songs that leave you hungry for more, more, more. Waste rock is on the rise, check them out and tell 'em Starr sent you. XOXOXO.
"Six Of One, Half A Dozen Of The Other" comes from SNUFF. Two discs with all the hits, a massive release for fans and first timers alike. Powerful, driving songs that deserve your attention.
SUN SHINE sends me "Electric! Kill! Kill! EP". An insane mix from the Czech Republic that will have punks and electrofiles rockin together. The newer wave is upon us.
"60,000 Years" comes from SUPERHEAVYGOATASS. Eighteen wheel heavy, a full-on mix of rock and roar. Stoner rock for the masses, this shit must be great live.
Love and Rockets meets Billy Idol for a little late night drinking. VINYL sends their latest "LP". Punchy songs that go the distance, clever bits and big lyrics.

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