Starr Tucker: CD Reviews

Here's what I found in me box this month...


Mad Mad April Fools sniffing May flowers


THE UNDEAD Want You Dead – Bobby Steele is out to kick your ass – Gutsy straight forward punched out moshpit punk rawk & roll that only NYC can produce. The Undead take no prisoners with this new 45 release –it comes in fancy blood splatter, red, blue, classic black, white and perfect snot yellow/green! 5 fast & hard perfect tunes! Get it while it lasts & catch ‘em at The Chiller Theatre expo this april!


LA rockers NERO ZERO send us hot and sweaty rock ‘n roll with their self named release. A totally stomping mix of classic rock background - Fade To Black & White, with super bad attitudes - Fucking A Rock Star & Social Disease. But The King Of Rock City makes ‘em like a band I wanna go see now! Get it!


CUT SLINGLOAD bring in Our Revolution headbanging their way into hard core metal mayhem. Masterful thrashing guitars, punishing vocals a backdrop to a perfect whiskey jar – Hell is a nice place to be…


NONmusic send over Not Everything Is Made In China and not kidding, this one is made in Slovenia! New Rave techno concept band with all the trappings. NONmusic thrive in futuristic disco anti-matter. Driving guitars fill out the driving synth sounds with hard edged coolness.


28–200 create Video Games & Popsicle Sticks cool cookies from Colorado 28–200 - Mister L & Aimee produce raw new wave neatness. Less is more rules with this 2 piece, keepin’ it real with distorted nuances makin’ it irresistible to the ear. Watch out for these guys as their creative urges will take them far.


LIQUOR BOX pure pop pleasure! Guilty Treasures is the name of the album & X Offender is a must see on youtube. These kids got killer pop in their blood. There’s something fun going on in Southern California…


That amazing guitarist for Owl ( spreads his wings showin’ off that he got soul and feelins and is sensitive and vulnerable and has needs and all that, yes, this album does convey all of that in a very kool way. Aw, he’s just messing with your mind… California dreaming


GRAVE BROTHERS DELUXE triumph with San Malo with deep dark basement sounds thumping their way thru your consciousness. There are serious grooves so turn the lights to dim, switch yur brain off, ‘n strobe out…


EASTER send us Easter – tune in to these four Manhattan Beach rockapoppunks catching up with their mid 80s youth on their “Best of” CD - this is really fun & kicks ass! Get the cd & put on your steel tips & studded, leopard accented leather & catch ‘em on a reunion show!


Dreamy CHRIS LAUBIS sends us Balance – when your ears need a rest and you’re coming down, stick this on. Classic guitar driven rock blues to sooth your soul. Between his own creations and a few cool covers thrown in, including Lady Madona, Space Oddity, Seventh Son, little help from his friends Carillo, Scarlet & Weston King he has created superb magic. Talking of cool covers, Alan Rand created Butterflies and Keyholes for the cds back page. Really cool. -


OMEGA VAGUE Songs For Homesick People will haunt your dreams - (check out Wonder visuals on youtube) Creative duo Craig & Neal will take you into awesome freaky world heading for the heart of a sci-fi driven, sounds like riven, dreamcast world – ambient post rock ready to stick in yur bong!


3SO - Roadmap To The Soul

Cleveland band sends us rockin’ with their full length CD. Marking their territory with melodic metal to add to your classic collection. Light me up and take me down.

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