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Here's what I found in me box this month...


Spring is springing, the birds are back, time to go a hunting


The Fabulous TRANS-MISSION send us “A Night at the Theatre Ends in Murder”- a “mini” album with 7 tracks and it’s considerably less ‘mini’ than described. Revel in the dark side of chiller chords and garage beats.
Let them take you to the other side…


QUEEN V - This vixen is finaly putting out, the long awaited release of “Death or Glory” that is, and it’s running around your backyard at long glorious last!! Cranked up, buzzed up, and pumped to pure perfection! Bitchin’ vocals that’ll get your vibrating viagara pumped up for a four hour stiffy! check it out on


Stop all that scratchin around, “7 Years Of Rock” will satisfy that itch - EVIL BEAVER -- A mere two piece, John "Jojo Beav” Jones pounds the skins while Evie Evil sings like an angel and her bass sounds like a hound from hell… deep heavy riffs that’ll melt your earwax and get you ready for the next round… this latest CD is full of your favz from 2000 to 2007. Well worth the free download, get it while it lasts at:

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Hey, roll me a Dooby! Experimental vibes from Brooklyn that’ll keep you fascinated for hours… Extraordinary vocally intense sounds, madness evolves… More fun than is allowed! “Hope Dies Last” rocks like a Fergal Sharky on a suppergliderocket to… well you get the pic!


Those crazy Belgiums! CLOON sends in their latest madness with hard core vocals and way the fuck out attitude. With influences from the blues kings to metal gods. This mayhem loaded sound will send you straight to the soft cell… well worth the visit to the good doctor…


MIRROR – now this multi-media project with names like Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan, Warhol superstar Joe Dallesandro, Bowie pianist Mike Garson, and introducing chanteuse Laure-Elaine and teen actress Frances Lawson will make you run away or run towards it like a moth to the flame…

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BLACKBONE CHILD you gotta love this stuff - this new outfit stick a fresh face on slidin’ blues backed Texan style rock’n’ roll – betcha ain’t gonna tell me not to say ain’t now!


SOMASTATE give us their
“PE slasreveR” and it’s a nice shot in the arm! These guys from Calgary having way too much fun up there. If this is what the cold months of winter produce, give me more!
Hard Rock/Melodic Metal at it’s best!

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SIXPIN – “Made To Bleed” these young dudes from Niagara Falls will have your ears pinned against the wall as you head on over to the bar for your next shot of brain killer.

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Drink up Wasties... MAD JUANA has some new tunes for you to sink your teeth into - “Bruja On The Corner” makes for the old and new worlds to collide for a monster sound – gypsy carnival fire breather rock and roar with all the trimmings. Great stuff to break ya out of the everyday cage, get and earful and cross over to the other side of life.


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