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Here's what I found in me box this month...



“You should have listened to DRAG CITIZEN Baby”…

is the latest offering from Nick Vivid, Richie White & Danny Fever. Great vocals. Great sounds. Great CD. Thin Lizzy rocks on an 18-wheel crusade to blow you away. Great stuff for great times!



Check out the latest by THE THIEVES “Tales From The White Line” – rocking tunes that shake and move. Powerful songs without the attitude, they better watch out or they’ll end up on the MTV.




“Their Rock Is Not Our Rock” comes from FIREBALL MINISTRY a black leather monster that shoots from the hip. Crank it up to eleven – and piss the neighbors off!




IRON HEAD send me “Livin’ Like We Wanna Die” – black eyes and broken minds – Trash rock ‘n’roar with their foot to the floor. No stoppin’ till they hit that wall.




Fresh from the Skinyard, JACK ENDINO sends me “Permanent Fatal Error” – Massive metal licks with the tunes to back it up, great stuff with a lot to offer. Listen up kids… Jack could teach ya a thing or six.




Hardcore hooligans… BEARVSSHARK sends us “Terrorhawk” – Snappy tunes that try really hard to stay mad – I guess they had a shitty childhood or something?



Hell on earth, supa freaks… check out “Scary Baby” from
SUPERMERCADO – well crafted insanity with traces of Rap/Metal, this one’s got some teeth and a taste for blood.

Attention cavestompers – THE FLAKES are rolling “Back To School” – Garage bombs who know all about the bottom line, trashy – crazy – cool… Modtown is now in session.

Oh, the darkness…
THE COFFIN LIDS send me their latest horror rocker “Round Midnight” – with tunes like Frankenstein and Tonight You’re Going To Die In My Garage” you know where they’re at. Gimme Pinhead anytime.

Put on some fresh lipstick…
THE STILLETTOS send me “Punk Trampoline!” All the good ol’ stuff from back in the day, the hey-day of this spunky old town. All the top dogs from Elda Stilletto, Scheebo, Buddy Bowser, Rick Derringer, Cheetah Chrome, Walter Lure, Billy Rath, Tish & Snooky, Alter Ego, Owen Swenson, Fast Eddy, Leon Neon, Perry Robinson, Mugsy O’Harlot are on this CD. In it’s time, this band was Debbie Harry’s kick start, I tell you, this is a bunch of Down and Dirty rockers who know what ya want – Fun stuff to keep it moving all night long.
Elda Sez Music - 845 679 2004


“Unleash The Fury” with
latest, street friendly tunes with a big old fuck you. Crunchy bits from the pit. Hardcore punk with no signs of letting up…




“From The Bleachers” comes via THE BOILS – basement Punks looking to kick ass, they seem a bit Arian but who knows – they might just be misunderstood.




The lady can sing… check out NAGG. Joan Jett vocals with a shot of Jack – looking for a good time, Amy & the boys have got your back.




Get them drinks flowing… POWER LIQUOR sends “World Cowboy” – a lot of fun between the two-tone and stompy bits, you can tell they had a blast makin’ this one!




The MC5 on a back alley bar crawl, the HYPSTRZ send me “Live At The Longhorn” – Inspired raw power that pulls you in and never lets up. Let us know when you get to town, XOXOXO.


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