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Here's what I found in me box this month...

February - the month for LUV


Wonderfully noir… TWENTY RIPPED ANGEL sends “Sincerely Yours”. Hell on earth rock that never goes soft. Black metal punks that go the distance. One weird ass trip that keeps you smiling as ya go insane. Forget Marilyn Manson these guys are on fire!


Eighteen wheel heavy.…
PSYCHOCHARGER sends “Curse Of The Psycho" - Bad ass rock with all the trimmings. Great guitars, massive grooves and just enough twang to keep it rolling down the line. Fully charged pschyobilly that never lets up - catch ‘em live, they throw one hell of a show.


THE VIOLETS send their latest, “To Live, Love It, Violet”, a smooth mellow rocker that surprises as is stumbles home from the bar. Imagine Luna versus the Cure in a fight for the last cigarette, well crafted tunes that hide behind glasses. Good songs for those tiny hours.


Let’s all have sex… check out
THE LOVE DRUNKS latest self titled rocker. Fabulous tunes with enough love for each one of you dirty boys and girls. Wow, these cats have got it going on and then some. Garage rock that will have ya stompin for more.


Filthy stuff… THE RIP sends us six songs with little sympathy for eardrums. Nuclear metal that is out to destroy, a back alley brawl of rock-n-roar that sleeps with the fishes.


THE KILLER IN YOU… Reignition Recordings sends
“A Tribute To Smashing Pumpkins” - Featuring ROSES ARE RED, POISON THE WELL, HOPESFALL and MURDER BY DEATH to name a few of the bands pumpkin smashin on this ‘killer’ disc. More raw and rockin than the originals, plus you already know the words.


Kabooom – the latest self titled disc from THE SWORD just blew up Waste central. Metal gigs and amps to eleven, these boys seem to be on some kind of devil trip or something. Vintage evil never goes out of style.


PERSNICKETY welcomes you to a wasted disco with their new
“The Counterfeit Husband”. Featuring Miss Adena and Master Jeffery dishing out beats, bright lights and lavender lipstick kisses. Get an earful of the Brooklyn underground, it’s a magical place where anything can happen.  


“Long Drive To Iceland” comes from
SKYLINE RODEO - Power pop from the right side of the mind. Two decades too late to be darling… if you suffer from a split personality, this one’s all you.


The hair famers,… WITCH offers up their latest self titled release. 1970’s basement bombshells that howl and swoon, distorted Sabbath guitars that keep ya moving. Dirty tunes with a whole lot of doom.


Their throwin a party… THE CRYPTKEEPER FIVE send “Pomade… Switchblades… & Their God-Damn Rock & Roll” - Driving tunes that sink their teeth in deep, big songs for punks of all ages. A massive mix of guitars, bass, drums and vocals that is 100% fun. XOXOXO


Cleaver and intellectually stimulating… check out
I almost expected the second song to be in Spanish, been into to some good shit kinda feeling about this. This band got some headlight vocals that fly below the radar. Beat ’em at their own game… more drinking and less thinking is what I always say.

Drugs Records 


Satan has just entered the building… CATHEDRAL sends
“The Garden Of Unearthly Delights” - A fully stuffed menu of life, death, angel wings and corpsecyles. Metal with hooks, smashing tunes for your decent into the underworld.

Shades of verde,
MUTRONIUM sends their latest mutant mix of electronic, rock and basement that slithers as it shakes. Surrealist paintings on a sonic canvas, art rock dropouts… way too much fuckin green.

Lovely, check out
GREG PHOENIX - Fifties rock–n-tonk that will have ya swinging, a man and his guitar kicking it raw and ready to explode. Boss licks from the big city, catch him tearing it up at a venue near you.

DELLA VALLE sends “Pink Elephants” and I’m bored.

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