Starr Tucker: CD Reviews

Here's what I found in me box this month...


Autumn colors everywhere!!
Halloween Treats...


Metal mayhem to the max!
Those damned Canadians can’t stop clowning around – FATTOOTH send us their self-named limited edition debut album. Twisted sounds taking it to the next level. These guys are having way too much fun! Droogs on a roller coaster ride thru hell, taunting America with more guts than delta force. Love it to death!


BACKSEAT DEVILS bring us 13 Rock & Roll Songs – This is pure Rockabilly mayhem – When creative force Tom Cavanagh hooks up with Niles Hughes & Sean Crusher they rock-out like cats on a hot tin roof. 13 original gas-guzzling songs - perfect for burning that rubber on the road.


GUITAR BOMB - the return of this back alley cat introduces Matthew Brundett to enhance his repertoire together they bring us Happy Hour at The Silverado – 11 guitar pickin’ good tracks topped off with curled lipped vocals influenced by the great music that is made in the USA. Catch ‘em on tour; catch ‘em at your local, but don’t miss out on this one, this Brooklyn kid’s goin’ places. Shit, this deserves 3 shots o’ the best hooch in town!


PUi celebrate the metal bizarre, calling you out to listen to their EP – You Will Clap - ‘Freak Cabaret’ creates interesting imagery as they manhandle their guitars and max out the vocals.


NOBODY CAN DANCE send us Friendship and this is going in the right direction. There is something playful and just a little bit nuts about this group. Jumping from one twang to the next. This will put a smile on your face, so “Dance Fucker Dance”.


GLUE FACTORY bring Transpacific to the table – Mike Davis (Secret Hate) Randy Bradbury of (Pennywise) Mudd Lowther (the Falling Idols) bring us a reggae and power ??rock combo. This bunch of punks have got a way with blending the genres that rock out with an catchy enthusiasm.


Yur fav punks SKUM CITY send us a self named, pure raw power 45 - 6 trax in your ears, this is pure punk at it’s best. So stick it on and pogo your way to mosh pit heaven!


PART ONE TRIBE been hangin’ out in Jamaica, rollin’ spliffs nice and long and easy and on the way producing Obvious As Ever for your relaxation. Serious reggae blues beat to cool your head to. You gotta love it.


Lots of Iggy influences this sound and they keep the integrity going - SUBCULTURE STEREO release of the 7 song E.P. Hookers & Tea - Gimme the tea, gimme the hookers, soak in the raw power, sit back and relax. This will take you to the edge and gently put you back in your seat feeling no pain.


JOHNNY NEEL got his bed made with this one - Criminal Element Vol II – If you missed the good ol’ days of open air festivals listening to the Allman Brothers feel-good music, here’s your chance to hear some the cream of the crop with this bluesy easy listening classic album. Light-up the incense, the magic glass bong knock back a few shrooms, sit back and enjoy the ride…


IDOLS ARE HIGHER - UK band sends us Saturnalia – fresh faced boys gone bad – They been listening to some really good stuff to come out with these originals. These are the children spawned out of punks counter part, the’70 mega rock’n’roll scene. Catch ‘em while you still can at your local, before you can’t see them for distance or hear them for echo at them stadium gigs.


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