Starr Tucker: CD Reviews

Here's what I found in me box this month...


Love in the Snow

February 2010


TARANTINOSNYC send us Super Sounds Of The Cinema - If surf is your thing, then the TarantinosNYC are all yours. This album is a superb rendition of all your fave pulp classics. The musicianship skills of this band will make you move, shake and twist as you catch the next wave of drinks comin’ your way.


Oh, fuck all those pretentious bastards - THE DEMON BEAT call the shots with Shit, We’re 23 –they’ve opened the garage door and released a sound with an urgency that needs to be satisfied. There’s a raw power and once heard is totally addictive! A must have in your ears!


THE SITUATIONIST INTERNATIONAL are back - Hanging By A Thread marks a return to the circuit and it is a independent, hard edged driving force. Headbanging, fist pumping, action packed - T.S.I. bring you a rock-hard production!


THE BEAT RATS have made A Cellar Full Of Rats and it rocks out! From the first the Beat Rats Theme to the last Going Going Gone they sock it to ya with full-on fab fun. Taping into that wonderful sound of 60s garage bands bringing in their own nyc punk rawkabilly sensibilities, this is as fun as the Ramones and the Stray Cats. The Beat Rats Rule!

MIGHTY HIGH - Drops A Deuce with their new 7” vinyl – Pure Punk from Cable TV Eye b/w Hands Up! (Live N Nasty) gets you right where you want it. Woody’s got that driving guitar sound doubled up with Mighty High’s smashin’ performance that sends ya mind right down to the mosh-pit and makes ya think, where the hell was I?


NEW SEASON YAXIS - Proud To Love - brings the return of 60’s spirit, Jefferson Airplane Fleetwood Mac, but bringing it into the millennium dance grooves. It’s all there with beautiful lyrics and music, soft, simple, a contradiction to the hard edge of today’s realities.


STARK Race To The Floor – takes the high road to hard rockin’ heaven. Stark’s gears are fully engaged on this fist pumpin’ trip. Joe Hogan and Eric Robel’s dynamite riffs & rhythm create a solid sound for Lani Ford to take on the world with new zest. Get it!


Remember the nwobhm, PRAYING MANTIS send us Sanctuary – the latest release from these british melodic rock legends still sounding as clear and solid as ever. If you love the 80s then this is for you. Pure vocals, ‘I can make my guitar speak’ guitar sounds, a full stadium sensaround, shit they look like they just walked out the salon to the saloon across the road ready for their next gig!


PINK STEEL - new album Out At The Devil is pure hairlarious metal magic - just listen to the words of “Sausage Party” - they rock the f*** out with “We Fight For Cock!” This will have you coming out of your Aqua Net closet in no time! Lubed out gay Poison coming to you all the way from Brooklyn! LOL!! Save a front row seat for me!


Calling all metal brainbuckets, who is your favorite bunch of super devils? … NOBODIES bring us Oh Yes, There Will Be Blood – More hair from Norway! In the wake of the Anvil resuscitation, hard rock mayhem is here to stay! Killer fun madness, this bunch of Nobodies wanna kick your ass into the nearest action packed summer fest!


THE CRYPTKEEPER FIVE – send in a 2-disk combo The Rise of Palace Depression & Darker Days – Pay attention, this is seriously creative band full of surprises. These 2 great albums should not be ignored by any means. Go listen, go buy this double whammy CD, go see ‘em, get laid!


REQUIEM FOR OBLIVION - Funeral For Futility – stoner metal for the millennium. Darker, deeper and held back a notch inviting you to chill out until you hit Ominous… no holds bared, brings on ancient flash-backs of time immemorial. This is ‘hybred metal’. Intriguing experimental insanity.


SIGNAL 99 come Armed & Dangerous Vol 1 is metal mayhem to the max. If the devil don’t getcha, Signal 99 will… a rhythmic soul with a heart burnt in the ashes of hard core metal. Compulsive listening. Can’t wait for Vol II!


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