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Get an earful of "Before The Sun" the latest rocker from FIXER - Multi-edged power punk that delivers - driving vocals, crusher guitars and a great bottom line. Good songs that play well at the local bar, club or stadium, catch 'em on tour this winter and tell them Starr sent ya. Waste rock is on the rise and these boys are flying.

A taste for voodoo... "Black Water Rising" is the latest sampler from Dog Fingers Recordings featuring BOXCAR SATAN and THE GRAVES BROTHERS DELUXE - Down and dirty rock and roll that mixes well with whatever your drinking. A divine mix of drums, bass and guitars that will have you smiling. If your looking for something new to sink your teeth into, this one delivers in thirty minutes or less.

Not your typical punks... THE THUCYDIDEAN THEORY sends "2007: What The Fuck Is Going On" - Imagine Gary Numan on a three day bender in the city, a synthesized mix of beats and wiggy bits that deserves attention. Your future is now!

A little alternative, a bit electronic and whole lot of rock - FIGO sends their self titled monster. A fusion of styles that comes into a sound of its own, these boys are out to take the world by storm. Experimental power pop with big vocals and ripping guitars, catch 'em soon before they spontaneously combust.

The end of the world is one crazy place... HOLY MOLAR sends "Cavity Search" - Black metal synth core that is out to tear you a new one, zero to sixty in three seconds with no signs of stopping - if you enjoy the feeling of vertigo this one will have you spinning.

Dig the raw mayhem of TERROR, "Always The Hard Way" - Eighteen wheel guitars, benthic vocals and relentless drums, these guys are playing for keeps. If you like your metal heavy this disc is all you.

Hell yeah - PALE MOON GANG sends their self titled rocker. Pop punk that never lets up, a full on sound that will have ya throwin down. Richard, Luke and Brian have got it going on - shake your ass and cut loose... cheers.

Punk core from Jersey, POLYABUSE sends "Capicu" - Ferocious guitars and basement vocals... nothing to lose and full of attitude. Turn it up loud and mosh around till the neighbors call the cops.

Pure adrenaline... "Open Fire" is the latest from
ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY - Southern fried punk rock with bad ass guitars and massive vocals. Heavy songs that will have you swinging right out of the gate, good stuff for great times. Bottle of Jack not included.

Who doesn't love EVIL BEAVER... "In The Spirit Of Resilient Optimism" is this month's must have disc. Post punk bliss with all the trimmings, seductive songs that swallow you whole. Catch Evie Evil and the boys as they tour across this great land and tell 'em the Waste sent ya.

Freshen up your drinks and check out "Nowhere" from
- Whiskey blues from the U.K., a wonderful mix of mood and music that sneaks up on you. Howling tunes that deliver, look for it to hit the streets 2.13.07.

Stomp-a-billy punk, THE RAY GRADYS send
"We Don't Need Your Labels" - Smashing vocals, driving bass, dangerous guitars and a kickin drummer - basement rock that throws one hell of a punch. No corporate bullshit here... these boys are the real deal.

Power pop stoner rock...
LEGEND OF DUTCH SAVAGE sends "All Will Be Good When I'm Gone" - A rockin mix with an ear to the street, six songs that shoot from the hip - turn it up, tune in and cut loose.

"Waking The Mystics" comes from SOPHE LUX and we're strangely intrigued. A very theatrical mix of female vocals, lavish songs and haunting themes. From Bowie to Bach with a spoonful of Eno. Imagine Kate Bush playing poker with Nietzche and William Blake for the last parachute, crazy stuff indeed.

I don’t offend my girlfriend when I play Fionn O Lochlainn brings us his solo album – “spawn of the Beast” on Sincere Recordings. ‘nuff said!

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