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March - 2005

Punk rock from the far east... “Japan Girls Nite US Tour 2005” features PETTY BOOKA, TSUSHIMAMIRE, PUPPYPET and TITAN GO KINGS. In support of new releases, these four bands will be hitting the states in March. Catch ‘em if you can or pick up their discs, pop punk this fun only comes along once in a great while.


Grrl fronted power pop punk, JERRA sends me “Play Like A Girl”. Good songs for great times - fun, dangerous and full of suprises. More bang for your buck, Veruca Salt meets the Stooges for a night of pills, thrills and cheap booze.


RPG sends their latest “Fulltime”. Garage rock with all the trimmings, big songs and huge leads. Shades of MC5, stoner grooves and attitude. Jet black tunes to get you moving - throw down, this shit is unhinged.


I can smell the bodies churning... “Live At Continental - Best of NYC volumes I and II”. Featuring AGNOSTIC FRONT, BELLVUE, BULLYS, CANDY ASS, CHEETAH CHROME, FURIOUS GEORGE, HEAP, JOEY RAMONE, LENNY KAYE, L.E.S. STITCHES, SEA MONSTER, KAREN BLACK, BOTTOM, INDEPENDENTS, MURPHYS LAW and the WALDOS just to name a few. Produced by Trigger these are the first must have discs to cross our desk for 2005. Check ’em out and tell them the Waste sent ya.


THE FUX sends “I’m On TV”, a rip roaring collection of chords and chaos. A highly flamable mix of post punk, lurching grooves and skeleton rock. Flirting with disaster these boys are out to take over the world.

Too Young To Go Steady” comes from MOB STEREO, thirteen pink-rock tunes gunning straight for you. Belly versus Sebadoh with nothing to lose, basement rock with a feeling of deja-vu.

Weeeeeee... SEX WAR sends me “Picture Frame Seduction”. Punk rock and roar, dig that driving bass. Racing vocals and tight guitars, metal dirt rock that shoots from the hip. Not recomended for women who are pregnant or nursing.


Get Washington on the phone, the Irish are attacking... BLOOD OR WHISKEY sends “Cashed Out On Culture”. Pub-punks looking for trouble, buy another round cause no one’s going home. If you’re into the green or just love a good jig, this one’s for you.


NORMA JEAN sends “O’ God The Aftermath”, a hell on earth mix of vocals and guitars ready to kick you on your ass. If you like the feel of speakers tearing the flesh from your body, listen up these boys are rockin.

HED p.e. sends “Only In Amerika”, hardcore-hip-hop-rock-metal. Eighteen wheel heavy, throw down a 40 and fire it up. Crusher guitars and in your face vocals... these guys are on an electrified drive by.
Under The Influence Of Rock N Roll” is the latest from JOKER FIVE SPEED. NYC rockers swinging for the bleachers, a massive disc that is sure to be turning heads this summer. Spot on songs, sinister guitars and one hell of a drummer. Catch ‘em if you can, these boys are on fire.

JAROBE: Mystery Of Faith comes to me as two CD’s, “Unreleased Pieces: Swans + World of Skin”. Wonderful doom, noir moods from the other side. More goth than most, a night at the opera, simply delightful, devilishly evil.


If your feeling lazy check out TOAST, “All In”. Emo jangles and country fried tangles... not sure about this one, maybe I’m just not high enough?

“The Good, The Bad, The 4Skins Tribute”. Hardcore punk featuring MADDOG SURRENDER, SOCIAL COMBAT, DEAD HEROS, THE PIETASTERS, THE BOLSHEVIKS and EMSCHERKURVE77 to name a few. Killer versions of crusher songs, if you’re a fan or totally oblivious this is your chance to get on board.


BLIVIT sends their latest creation “Unhand The World”. A wonderfully crazy mix of hardcore tricks and pop kicks. Rocking in all the right places, well crafted songs that cut through the MTV bullshit.


HAVOC HATE sends their “Cycle Of Pain”. One hell of a disc, sure to put a smile on the devil’s face. Fire up the iron madien, these boys are rolling heavy. Fast, ferocious, and ready to play.

STATUES send me “Aux.”, imagine Squeeze playing the Jam, college friendly - a bit edgy. Well crafted tunes for the sweater wearing crew, it almost sounds like Joe Jackson on a good day.

Above The City” comes from SMOKE OR FIRE. Hardcore rock with a couple shots of punk, powerful guitars and sing-a-long vocals. If your looking to burn corporate punk to the ground, these guys have got the flame.

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