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Here's what I found in me box this month...

March Madness Strikes Again!


Like a kick in the ass BLACK MARKET BABY sends “Coulda... Shoulda... Woulda - The Black Market Baby Collection”. If you know this band you’re already drooling, if not it’s time to check out one of the finest punk bands to emerge out of the D.C. scene in the 80’s. A rip roaring 26 song disc full of out of print material now reissued on Dr. Strange Records. Friggin great stuff, music this good never loses its edge.

Dr. Strange Rare Punk


Dirty, cool rockers... TEN POUND STRIKE sends their latest sampler. Crusher guitars, large vocals and an ear to the street - these boys are one to watch. Good music for great times, catch ‘em as they burn this city to the ground. XOXOXO


Set yourself free... TRIPWAVE sends six songs from the other side. Psychedelic space rock with lots of bits to keep ya grooving through a late night soundscape of pure sweet sound. Turn on, tune in and rock out!


SOS sends “A Guide To Better Living”, a full tilt rocker that grabs on tight and never lets go. If you like it heavy this one’s for you - drums, bass, guitars and vocals in the red... it’s good to see someone making music that’s still dangerous.


Ferocious rock with a woman at the wheel... prepare yourself for WICKED WISDOM. Hardcore metal punks out to destroy everything in their way. Smashing vocals, sinister licks and one hell of a bottom line. What more could you ask for on a first date, let us know when you get to town.


Check out BLACK ON BLACK “A Tribute To Black Flag”. Featuring MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD, ZAO, GIVE UP THE GHOST, BURNT BY THE SUN, CONVERGE, and PLAYING ENEMY to name just a few of the fifteen bands on this kick ass disc. It’s good to see the next generation playing the shit out ‘the classics’, making ‘em their own and then some.


“Monster On My Wall” comes from MIKELL’S PLOT. Garage rock that goes beyond the basic three chords and delivers a powerful mix of pop and roar. Well crafted tunes that meet you half way... formula rockers on the verge of letting go - I’d really like to see ‘em cut lose.


Hell yeah... check out “Seal The Deal” from THE LAST VEGAS, full throttle rock that never slows up. Powerful tunes that go the extra mile - a great mix of rock, garage and post punk kicks. Waste rock is on the rise and these boys have got what it takes, America will never know what hit ‘em.


Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em... STRAIGHT DOPE CHERRY sends “Bellbottom Baby”. Psychedelic stoner rock with lots of bluesy bits and roadhouse licks, fun stuff for getting baked and drinking with friends - these cats must throw one hell of a lounge party.


Power popping their way from Hoboken into your heart... HEY TIGER sends “September”. Christina’s vocals are spot on and the boys keep it rocking. A radio friendly sound that floats between heaven and the ground, they better watch out or they’ll end up on the MTV.


Fetish rockers, THE BARBARELLATONES send “Coldsore” and I’m in lust. A slinky street friendly sound that borrows from the best - becoming its own. Glam rock reinvented for the 21st century, it only gets better with each listen... creeping up on you till your in too deep.


From Montreal comes THE MIND CONTROLS, overdriven garage punks out to destroy. Dirty fast tunes with energy to spare, this stuff must be great live. Back alley rock that never holds back - a massive disc from across the boarder... homeland security should be advised.


Get an earful of THE RETURNABLES, powerpop garage rock that’s hungry for you. If you’re into The Undertones or The Replacements check ‘em out, they’ve got a low down sound that keeps it honest, rocking and new.

Heavy meddlin’ from Sweden... WITCHERY sends “Don’t Fear The Reaper”. Blue Oyster Cult jokes aside this is one hell on earth disc that will have you on you knees begging for a quick and merciful death. Massive guitars, killer drums and a whole lot of doom - wicked stuff for the evil, possessed or damned.

TUFF JEFF SALEN sends his down and dirty rocker “The Endless Road”, a throwback to when times were great and drugs were cheap. Rock steady with no signs of slowing down, check him out as he rolls on down the endless road.

Black light rock-n-rollers... THE WAILS send me “Via”. Red velvet tunes that dip and swoon, powerful songs that race and move - a cross between chaos and control that will leave ya dizzy.

Pink Floyd use to start albums like this... SHEARWATER sends “Palo Santo”. A 1970’s movie soundtrack gone too far, shades of Eno’s ‘Here Comes The Warm Jets’ keeps things strangely wonderful - good stuff if you like that sort of thing.

Faster than most... IN FLAMES sends “Come Clarity”. Melodic gutter metal with hardcore breaks to blow ya away, big guitars and bigger vocals. Crazy shit for your insane life, burn baby burn!

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