Starr Tucker cd Reviews

Here's what I found in me box this month...


Chillin' out...

Metalmaniacs TITANS EVE bring us their debut album The Divine Equal - 11 massive trax just perfect for tipping the scales towards a perfect earful of sonic thrash pleasure. This album has intellectual properties attached to it. Based on ‘Paradise Lost’ by poet John Milton & The Book of Genesis it conjures up all sorts of imagery, the likes of William Blake and hell on earth! Ahghhh!

Calling all punks - ANIMAL TRAIN & MIKE PUKE bring a 7” split fit to brain hemorage to - pure Texan punk rock mayhem enough to piss of your neighbors – New Toys For The Blue Boys, Melt Down Drunk Punk & Pissed Off and Delusional Poser add Babies Are Horrible and Eye In The Sky, mix it up, play it loud, jump, sweat and repeat! -

Get your buzz-on with The Good Fight from KINGSIZE – four LA guys on a mission, fighting their way to the top with tunes, grooves and attitude. Catchy songs with punch and panache, breaking away from the usual humdrum sound trap.

Las Vegas band DINNER MUSIC FOR THE GODS bring us Blood and Red Wine – These guys are a superb mash of speed and crank it up, no holds barred koolness, adding a wild gypsy guitar metal fusion just to blow your cultural mind.

22ND CENTURY - Where's Howie?!! Caught up in a wave of hard punchin’ kick ass punkin’ tight as assholes rockin’, Duane Chaos, Zippy Pinhead and Tim Plommer are really working it. Catch the remake of Martha & the Muffin’s Echo Beach along with other gems just waiting to grab your attention.

Calling all metal heads, GREY SKIES FALLEN from Staten Island bring us a “Melodic dark metal, with a twist” special - Along Came Life – getting their kick start at the first March Metal Meltdown back in 1999 they have brought their music to a fine level of expertise, just as you think you heard it all… Hope to catch ‘em at a summer fest, this stuff rocks!

BURNING BLACK – MechanicHell –major metal mania is calling your name! Shout out to all the classic metal gods adding this band to the euro circuit! This stuff is great! Manic Iron Maiden/Judas Priest styled in Italy and touring like a bunch of mutherfuckers should, this is outright a 100% proof and aged to perfection.

10 FT. GANJA PLANT take us to an island getaway with all the yellow smoke in the world. This time they bring us 10 Deadly Shots: Vol 1 - A steamy dub/raggae touch to finish the day off with. So light up, sit back and daze off into… out on Roir for your listening pleasure.

TRIPFUSE have created Rise Up – need a break then check this out for some smooth rhythmic speed to sooth your bleeding ears. Three guys thrill your metallic senses.

WAX, one of Phily’s hottest bands of the ‘60s has released Melted. Sounds like a major influence on Queen, beautiful vocals coupled with totally original rock genius. I would highly recommend everyone hear it and get the influence. Beautifully produced album, hard to believe it’s been hiding all this time…