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Here's what I found in me box this month...



Do you like it Dark?…

Check out “Beyond The Valley Of The Barbarellatones” from
THE BARBARELLATONES - Glam rock with a touch of Lycanthropy, a dirty mix of rock that will have ya rollin’.


Somebody up there likes us…

AEROSMITH sends me “Rockin’ the Joint” – Live at the Hard Rock in Lost Wages. All the hits and a little more, a massive mix of tock and roar that stands the test of time. Steve, Joe, Brad, tom & Joey deliver one smoking set to a very “buzzed’ audience. A must for any fan!


Great Stuff! “The Morgue The Merrier” is this month’s screamer!

Featuring PSYCHO CHARGER, RICHIE SCARLET, THE SCARED STIFFS, STARK, TRIPWAVE and the SUBWAY SURFERS to name just a few of the 15 bands on this – must have – disc. No party should be seen dead without one!


Hardcore hitters….

RISE AGAINST sends me “The Unraveling” – Crusher tunes for the new school. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to rise against!


Straight ahead…

LAGWAGON send me “Resolve” – Driving hardcore with heart, this is their first release since the death of their original drummer, Derrick. High powered sing-a-longs that they call melodious angst.


Balls to the wall…

CHARLEY HORSE sends me “Unholy Roller” – From the opening track “Bad Ass Dad” you know you’re in for one hell of a ride. With Sean from Throw Rag on vocals and Corey (x-Nashville Pussy) on bass, these Hell-o-Billy, Danger Rockers know what you want! A down & dirty back alley mix that will leave ya screaming more, more, more!


WESTERN ADDICTION sends me “Cognicide” – a fast and furious mix of post-punk and hardcore that will have ya moshin around. With songs like “The church of Black Flag”... you get the picture.


“Sounds Like 1983” comes from MAJOR CONFLICT – NYC hardcore punks on the edge. Featuring studio & live tracks from CBGB’s. A smashing time for the spiky died & dirty.

Mad At The World Records


Ready to explode - BARCODE send me
“showdown” – Fuck you rockers with their finger on the trigger. Hard fast songs that ain’t going down without a fight. If you love to brawl, this one’s all you.


The burn is on… BONGZILLA sends me “Amerijuanican” – a super sized stoner that hovers just inches off the ground. Sabbath grooves and shades of C.O.C. from their animosity days, we call this stuff the chronic. So bring out the “Champagne & Reefer” and get in the “Stonesphere”


The newer wave is upon us… The HATEPINKS send me “Plastic Bag Ambitions” – Insane bits and catchy licks. Post punk flirting with disaster, and there’s nothing wrong with that…


“Rock & Roll Ligger” is the latest from SOUR JAZZ – produced by Daniel Ray, this disc has it all and then some. Iggy Pop-rock & roll that delivers… Powerful songs that don’t give a fuck, so get off your ass and kick it up a notch! You know you want it!


Oh, Bartender…
THE REAL MCKENZIES send me “10,000 Shots” – Nice – Hell bent punks in kilts who know how to have a good time. The old world meets the new-school and things will never be the same.


BONES BRIGADE send me “Older Than Shit Heavier Than Time” – A full-on onslaught of guitars and vocals direct from the gutters. Skate-core with a kick in the ass… These guys are unhinged.


“I’m Not Too Young To Die” comes from
RED INVASION – Ramones versus the Stooges to see who gets the last beer… a well schooled mix from the other side of the tracks. Look for them as they destroy America!

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