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September - 2005


Homespun Bits. THE ASSOCIATED sends their latest. Sebadoh vs. Galaxie 500 in a battle over nothingness. A very soft landing for that heavy come down.


“Out Of The Grave & Into The Dark” comes from BALZAC - Produced by Jerry Only & John Cafiero - Japanese horror rock with all the trimmings, a zombie friendly sound that’s coming after you! Be afraid – very afraid!


THE BLOODY HOLLIES send “If Footmen Tire You…” – Garage rock for all you cavestompers and mod choppers. Mad bliss and lout guitars – this shit must be great live (hint, hint, hint!)


Very fashionable… CORDOVA sends “Lie Until It Becomes The Truth” – Power pop with an ear to the street & drivin’ tunes that swallow you whole.


“Eat The Night” comes from CRIMSON SWEET – Polly & the guys are out to tear you a new one. Powerful tunes with a whole lotta heart. Waste rock is on the rise.


Taking life by the balls… check out the latest sampler from DEMANDER – Drama, punk, rock, heavy shit. Seductive vocals just. Just seal the deal.
Triplicate Records


“Focus On The Negative” is the latest from 5 CENT DEPOSIT – Hardcore punks on a full tank of kick ass, catchy tunes, the kids are all right!


“Everybody Out… Shark In The Water” comes from the FM BATS – Ruff’n’ready garage rock that doesn’t try too hard. If you like it low to the ground, these boys are hovering!


An ear to the street and one foot in the grave… HOLLOW sends their latest sampler. Garage Punks who linger in the dark, driving tunes hungry for you… “Something To Abuse” they call it.


Hell Yeah… HONOR AMONG THIEVES sends me “Edge Of A Razor” - Rocket fuel vocals, street-smart guitars & kickin’ grooves – Cherokee & the boys are sinisterly divine. 200% proof Rock’n’Roll… and that’s good for the soul!


LOSERS BEAT WINNERS sends me their latest self titled release. Husker-Do meets the Dead Milkmen in a pie throwing contest. Good stuff for bad kids… hours of endless fun.


Sexy Stuff… THE NEUTRINOS sent me their latest 45 - “Blood Red Lips” & “ Six Noughts” Raw and & rockin’ with shades of the newer wave. Simple Smashing.
Wet Nurse Records


Disaster Records presents “Old Skars & Upstarts - 505” and we’re bouncing off the walls. Featuring DIE HUNNS, TURBO NEGRO, BLACK HALOS, EPOXIES, THE DEEP EYNDE, DUANE PETERS GUNFIGHT, THE ADDICTS, THE KINGS OF NUTHIN – just to name a few playing the most original covers you’ll hear all year! Run to your local disc dealer and demand your copy!


QUEENADREENA sends me her dirty rocker “The Butcher & The Butterfly” - Acid trip vocals, insane bits and a whole lot of heavy. Wonderful hooks and back alley grooves… from the UK with a kick in the arse.


“Bite Your Tongue” is the latest monster from THE SEX SLAVES - Gritty & raw with lots of balls, if your not getting enuff, give ‘em a listen – big guitars & bad ass vocals keep you rockin’ all night long!


Sounds familiar… THE BOROUGHS sends their latest promo “Ostrich” – High powered American rock’n’roll that likes to stay out late. Proud graduates of The Ramones school of music.

Eighteen wheel heavy… check out USS HORSEWHIP WANTS YOU DEAD – Garage punk with lots of urgency, wonderful frustration that will leave you wanting more, more, more.

Plastic sirens… Check out the latest from VIVA K – Ecstasy punks that took too much, but that’s ok ‘cause we are the Waste after all! Rip you open and show your beating heart kind of fun. XOXOXO!

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