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Here's what I found in me box this month...

Sizzling Summer - 2005


Hell yeah... it’s the latest from DRAG CITIZEN. Punk metal rockers with an ear to the street. If you like it on the edge, this one’s for you. Cod piece sold separately.


RIFU is rockin down with their latest “Dead End Street”. Hardcore punks out to destroy, tight songs and brass knuckle vocals. Be on the lookout for them this summer.


The garage is on fire... PLEASE MR GRAVEDIGGER sends “Throw A Beat”. An insane twist of rock and roar, latex vocals and hazardous material. Before you crawl back into the grave, give ‘em an ear.


“Last Rides of the Midway” comes from SHIVER. Hardcore sing-a-longs with razor guitars and shades of the old school. Thirteen songs for the kids.


Scorch and burn, THE SOVIETS send me “LP III”. Racing songs that go the distance, lot’s of energy with no signs of stopping. Power pop for the spiky, died and dirty.


“Housebreaking Oui Oui Pads” comes from F.P. ToZ. Low down rock-n-roll with nothing to lose, cheap whiskey tunes that pack a groove. Kickin bits to keep ya inches off the ground.


THE BANGKOK FIVE sends “10 The Hard Way”, five kick ass tunes that rock, pop ‘n roar. Crusher guitars and strong vocals, a dirty street sound that will have ya hungry for more, more, more.


“Alive Without Control” is the latest from THE BLACK HALOS. Throaty pipes and a lust for life, smash rock that delivers – great tunes, no bullshit. Order up a fresh round of drinks no one’s going home tonight.


Spooky stuff... THE SCARED STIFFS send me “Autopsy Turvy”. Monster moshin ghoul rock for the boneyard or your favorite late night haunt. Check ‘em out and tell them Starr says ‘Boo’.


Relax... SYRIUS JONES sends “Big Shot”. California blues that shakes and moves, a red wine sound for open spaces and summer vacations.


Heavy meddlin’... KYLESA sends “To Walk A Middle Course”. Great shit if your pissed or working for a dark overlord. The end of days, coming to a theatre near you.


18 wheel heavy... SUPERKOLLIDER sends “Atomic Clock”. Hard core metal that goes the extra mile, deep and powerful tunes that play by their own rules. Not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing.


More metal madness, it’s THOR “Against The World”. Evil bits and big licks, they get a little hokey but keep it humorous. Fun stuff for all Motley-Cult-Cooper rockers.


Full on rockin’... THE DUANE PETERS GUNFIGHT sends their self-titled release and I’m bouncing off the walls. California skate punk with a kick in the face. Lot’s of thunder and one hell of a drummer, this summer’s soundtrack to a speeding ticket.
Disaster Records, PO Box 7112, Burbank CA 91510


“Fall In Love All Over Again With...” COL. KNOWLEDGE & THE LICKITY SPLITS. The 50’s in full stride, Question Mark and the Mysterians with a kick in the ass. The past is back and it’s gunnin for you.


Philadelphia’s calling... “Get Outta Philly” comes to us from Tick Tick Tick Records featuring THE MINKS, THE BAD NEWS BATS, THE MISTERIOSOS, ECONOCASTE, BAD PENNY, and the JUKEBOX ZEROS to name a few. Bare bones rock-n-roll, a lo-fi garage sound that will have ya throwin’ down. Check out the city of brotherly love and tell ‘em the Waste sent ya.
Tick Tick Tick Records, 1324 S. 9th St., Phila. PA 19147

I never made it past the intro, had to take a piss... THE CRIMSON CURSE send “Blood Thirsty Lust RMX EP”. When I came back the creepy intro was still playing.

Motorhead -vs- Agnostic Front in a back alley brawl... BROKEN BONES sends me “Time For Anger, Not Justice”. Rip roarin out of the gate and never lettin up. Big guitars and punk core vocals, this stuff packs one hell of a buzz.

Scream because it feels good – THE DEADLY send “The Wolves Are Here Again”. Loud fast and in your face, trash vocals and lots of mischief. Disaster rock for the disturbed, or those who wish to be.

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