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  Ooo, look what I found in me box...
The Winter Disaster issue
Odium - Snew - The Casualties - Thrash Fuck Thrash Back 4 - The Suppliers - Katya - The Dirty Pearls - Attack Ships On Fire - White Fort - Dirty Panties


Speed metalists ODIUM bring us closer to the brinks of hell... they got 10 killer tracks on Burning The Bridges To Nowhere – catch the video online you won't be disappointed. Excellent skilled guitar  and superb vocals turned Waste Central into Head-bang central in a ny minute!

Watch out - Smashing glam rocker's SNEW have really done it this time, bringing us ten shots of rockinheaven  in What's It To Ya– Willie Basse adds balls to the rhythm, and some harp on ‘All Over You’ tickles you all over. Honing their skills, What's It To Ya will grab yur by the nuts and make yur ears bleed!

Punk addiction lives - Resistance - brought to us by THE CASUALTIES - kicks some ass. Its core element brings together Hardcore Punk with Metalic balls reinforced by aggressive nothing-to-lose attitude. They remind us that there is no future in this corporate corrupt world that crumbles as we speak.

THRASH FUCK THRASH BASH 4 brings us 10 FREE downloads from our favorite Canadian compatriots – FATALITY - AGGRESSOR - MASTERY - LETHAL VOLTAGE - ETERNAL JUDGEMENT - this should wet your appetite! Get it!

Ashtyn Beaudette's vox grabs ya by the balls and won't let go! THE SUPPLIERS take on and take out all who stand in their way. Alt Rock/pop with a punch. Talented bunch this...

KATYA yells Rock Lives! This little teaser will get your mojo up and running! American-born, Russian Freedom Rocker is fighting her way around the world, one continent at a time...

THE GASHERS – Law Is Not Order – this is the legendary Peccadilloes reinventing themselves. 'Justice' hits the nail on the head, but work your way thru the rest of this cd and it grows big enough to fill that space left blank by other bands.

THE DIRTY PEARLS bring us - Whether You Like It Or Not – featuring their video hit 'Who's Coming Back To Who'. Morphing into a “pop-friendly” rockin' slick machine, the killer production, heavy licks, guitar tricks and songs are pushing them to the top. The two Tommy's, Sunny, Dougie & Marty got what it takes to bring this NYC band to the forefront of the big stage as they head for their first national tour!

ATTACK SHIPS ON FIRE – Vegas Soul – Inspired by and the soundtrack to reading Vegas Knockout a book by P Moss. High energy, high impact listening.
Taking it on the chin with the help of Gashers Sandy 'n Dirty Panties Melanie  – inspired growling narratives from Sin City.

From the outback of Siberia – they call it symphonic rock - WHITE FORT bring us mad strings in 6/8 – Speed violin & unplugged guitar creating a gypsy/metal sound that bring on the adrenalin rush.

All grrl Vegas punk rockers THE DIRTY PANTIES shake it up with their new cd - I Am A Robot – Born in a NYC bar (could it possibly be the Double Down?), these gals carried the sound out to the desert, the perfect place for a little down and dirty rawk to counteract the anesthesia of the lounge acts. Stick this in your headphones and trip the light fantastic.