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Here's what I found in me box this month...

Amazingly you boys sound like NY Dolls or Alice cooper,  even Alice Cooper!

Hot & Heavy Winter 2006!!

The year snow became just a memory!


You've seen the movie, now get the soundtrack!

With a kick in the teeth… AMERICAN HARDCORE “The History of American Punk Rock 1980 – 1986” is this month’s ass kicker. Featuring Black Flag, Bad Brains, Circle Jerks, MDC, VOID, Scream, Die Kreuzen, Batallion of Saints, DRI and the Cro-Mags just to name a few of the 26 bands on this insane disc. Like good whiskey this shit just gets better with age.

THE AMERICAN PLAGUE bring us “God Bless the American Plague" - with their take on Ace Of Spades under their belt, who can blame ‘em for being noisy bastards just the way we like ‘em! These boys from the big South are speeding along the rock’n’roll highway like Fast Eddie, taking no prisoners. The track 'They Had It Comin' kicks ass! Play it loud!

Looking for a fight, the LUCKY STIFFS send “Gold in Peace, Iron in War" - Hell bent rock and roar that packs a knife. Ripping guitars and powerful songs that will have you drinking all night long. Good stuff for great times.

Hell yeah – THE CHEATS send “Life’s Short…” Gutter punk that sounds better loud, massive guitars and crusher vocals. Powerful stuff that never let’s up, life’s short – drink up!

Lets start a riot… check out the latest comp from Emancypunx Records “The Girls Can Dish It Out Too!” MIND OF ASIAN, DAISY CHAIN, ASHTRAY, SPEED KILLS, SPUTTER DOLLS, PAXANE and THE RIPLETS are just a few of the killer bands on this full on ear bleeder.
Turn it up and let’s all get wasted with Tank Grrl!


Are you feeling dirty – check out THE EXPLODING HEARTS latest “Shattered”- New York Dolls meet Cheap Trick for a night of pills, thrills and lipstick. Catchy songs that cut lose and never blow their cool.


“Living The Future” comes from BEAT BEAT BEAT - Buzzcock punks with a shot of Jack, black leather songs that will have ya feeling alright. Oh bartender, make mine a double.


Check out the latest release from GUITAR BOMB “Back Alley Jesus” - Down and dirty Brooklyn guitarist with an ear to the street – this one man show will blow you away without ever getting out of his seat. Guitar pickin’ good, whiskey soaked gorgeous vocals, a real back alley cat at heart. Our copy came with a bomb in the spine -for real. Sweet!


The world will end at midnight tonight… get an earful of “Masters of Horror II” featuring HATEBREED, CRADLE OF FILTH, SEETHER, SHINEDOWN and ALL THAT REMAINS to name a few of the 14 bands on this metal rock monster. The CD jacket mentions something about some show on Showtime – but I really hate reading the little type on these things.


Rock-n-roll darlings on a late night crawl… “*That*s* Rite*” comes from REW. Songs about fucking, skeletonz and people who suck. Broken bottle music that hovers and sways , always ready for a fight. Catch ‘em live and tell them you like to fuck.


Rock and fuckin roll… THE CHELSEA SMILES send “Thirty Six Hours Later” and we’re grinning ear to ear. Great drums, powerful guitars and one hell of a bottom line. an eighteen wheel sound that will knock you down, then pick ya up screaming more, more, more. Featuring former members of Danzig, D-Generation and Murphy’s Law – let us know when you get to town. XOXOXO


Pick it up… DEAD CITY “The Dead Sessions featuring: Cheetah Chrome” is on the loose and hungry for you. Bad ass guitars and throaty vocals. You know when Cheetah involved you got some major  multitudes of magnificence going on.. This kicks some major butt, and will kick you into a time when punks roamed the streets and drugs were cheap.

Glam punk with a shot of punk… THE BLACK BEAUTIES send “Catch A Beat” - Clean lines and crunchy songs, good stuff that shoots from the hip. Rock on boys – this one’s for all you dolls.

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