Look what I found in me box this month...

February & March 2004


If Monty Python put together a punk band... look who sent me a CD, comic book and 26 songs - The SUBHUMANS "Live In a Dive", recorded at Corona Showcase theatre April 3, 2003. Taking time off for Citizen Fish these guys from the U.K. never let up! Highlights include: Peroxide, Subvert City, Reality Is Waiting For A Bus, and my favorite, Wake Up Screaming.

The hits keep coming... Royal Flush send me their third compilation "Appetite For Abduction" complete with magazine! Included on this must have disk are THE GIRAFFES, THE SPICY RIZZAKS, ROCKETS & CARS and ANC to name a few. If you're hungry for something new, look no further than Royal Flush!

"All Wiped Out"
comes to me from SMOGTOWN. Quick, dirty songs that will have you moshing around the apartment. Ripping guitars, down 'n out vocals and a lock tight beat... these boys are on to something.

Grab your ankles... THE STRAP-ONS send me "Geeking Dreams". A street level sound that cuts through the cock-n-blow of the empty-TV generation. Raw and rocking with no signs of stopping. Check 'em out and tell them the Waste sent ya!
PO Box 8241 Norfolk VA 23503

DESPISTADO sends "The Emergency Response" - a six song CD that is full of twists... post-punk power pop from the icy streets of Saskatchewan. Fiery tunes and driving vocals, they must be great live (hint, hint, hint...)

"Monster A Go-Go!" THE EVILS and THE SPECTREMEN send me their latest comp disc that is only for sale at live shows. The Evils are fast and ferocious and The Spectremen are full tilt go! Anyway, you slice it, this is one kick ass disc. See 'em live and get your. xoxoxo

Like a wall of bricks 40 WATT DOMAIN sends me "Short Wave" - Surf punk metal pop rockers on a mission, a user friendly sound that works well with others. They better watch out or their gonna end up on tour with Hootie...

These guys must drink a lot of coffee. BENNY sends me "Our True Intent Is All For Your Delight" - Over the top, melodic hardcore from across the pond.

Hell on Earth... check out CONTAMINATED VI, the latest compilation from Relapse Records. Heavy hitters and blood letters... BURNT BY THE SUN, UNSANE, NEUROSIS, PIG DESTROYER, ZEKE, BONGZILLA, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, ADRENALINE OVERDOSE and VIDNAOBMANA are just a few of the bands on this 'killer' two disc set. If you're into drop D tunings and the key of evil then this one's for you.

Two girls and two guys who rock and roar! SLUNT sends me "The Best Thing" - An insane mix of guitars, vocals and attitude that will have you hungry for more. Heavy dirty and beautiful... get the disc, see them live, Waste rock is on the rise!

"Wild, Knocked Out, Crazy" The DROSSELLS send me their latest. Rock Horror rock and roll that works at the bar or on Broadway. Larger than life party music for the rest of us. Catch them on the circuit as they play all over this crazy city.

DYSRHYTHMIA send us "Pretest" - very kool, rock rhythm instrumental. Very up. Very fun. Nice work. Philadelphia's got some good talent going on there. Texture and energy with abstract sensitivity to feeling - colorful vibes.

THE SLEAZIES send us 'Trite Ditties and Meaningless Crap" - We love this crap, we really do! Nice hard slammin' punk to beat on the brat to. With songs like 'I Wanna Fuck Your Mom' you know they're bound to be a huge hit on MTV. So it must good!
www.sleazies.com www.peladorecords.com

Them London GIRLS ON TOP send us their new cd "Ovulater" - Yeah, these 3 girls & a guy are having a great time. in fact he must have a really great time! Still stuck in the late 70's like a lot of these Punk bands, but these girls have tons of saucy salt & vinegar! Yeah, the music is great & the vocals strong. Lots of all the good stuff that you want from a band like this. US release on 6th April! Get it - Got it - Good!

APOCALIPSTICK - now you know, it's got some really good qualities to it. It's original, they are hungry and that's a good sign. Kick ass voice from the lovely Jacke O. Nasste, while the band lay the good stuff. They got what it takes. What'd we got to do to get you to get the CD and make 'em the big stars they deserve to be? Try this: Send $`0 to Bazoom! Records PO Box 59144 SF CA 94159 & tell 'em the Waste sent ya! You won't be disappointed!

Okay, so GOD FORBID we don't report on this one! Haha! So here it is: "Gone Forever" Their new CD. This is heavy speed metal at it's best. These Jersey boys sure have the right idea. The devil's gotta have something to do with their success. How big are they? Let's find out how big we can make 'em! They should be massive. Catch 'em at the OzzyFest. Catch 'em where ever you can. Get the cd at:

brings us "Ear To The Ground" - Listen hard and listen well. Well-constructed songs, good songs come from this female foursome. Haunting sounds, reminiscent of Siouxsie Sioux. Their strength show in this cd. Their composition and delivery is superb. Nothing average, way way better. The female presence in music is just going from strength to strength. There is something really endearing in the sound these girls have created. Look out for them, a nice addition to your cd collection.

I dunno, this one is way out there, but then you'd expect it to be coming all the way from Japan! Japan Girl Nite brings us tracks by PETTY BOOKA, BLEACH, NOODLES, KOKESHI DOLL. It's a fabulous compilation of beautiful Japanese female punks doing everything from the really heavy thrashing to the pop-ist of pop! Fantastic. One thing about the Japanese, they really do Punk better than anyone. They got the true spirit of Punk completely down! Presents by the Benten Label. See them live at Knitting Factory Tap Bar on March 23rd! Well worth the effort. Too cool to miss this one!

PUNCH DRUNK V is 29 of the best tracks from '97 to today. What more could you want, it is a brilliant compilation. Enough to satisfy all your punkin' lusts. Put together better than your brain ever could! So don't even think about it, this one is a no-brainer. Go out and get it! You'll love it without any doubt. No disappointments here! I guarantee. With tracks from you local faves, like TEXAS TERRI, NY REL-X, THE KRAYS, ANTISEEN, SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS, REDUCER SF, the list goes on, you'll see, Trust me on this one.

THE CRUMBS have it all! They even got the "Last Exit" - This CD is totally dope. A trouble free engine that will give you plenty of miles on the rocky road of rock'n'roll. Blimey, they recorded 14 songs in 4 hours. Way! Energy to burn! Great guitar! Seriously brain damaged. It's great, driving, flowing; he knows his stuff does Johnny B. Kool as fucking cucumbers this one. Yeah, like a cross between the Dolls & Jonathan Richman & Ramones. There's a lot of stuff going on, but when you get down to it, it's so simple. If you know what's good for you, you'll go get this one tomorrow, now where are they playing?...
THE BOROUGHS - Hey! Stoner Rock is here to stay! This is smoking! A little Lou, a little CCR, what more could you want on a nice Friday night in. This is cool. This works. yeah, keep our eye on this NYC band, they're on the right track.
WEDNESDAY NIGHT HEROES - "Superiority Complex" - Thrash out! Feeling good! Yeah! Sing-along on this one! Yeah, let's all down a six pack each and go see what damage we can do! Yeah! Oi! Yeah! Mosh Pit heaven, this one! Gotta give it to them! Dangerous, Angry, Champion City Punk Rock! They've got it and they know it! They know it all only too well!

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Rock On!

Now, all I want to know is what are they going to do for an encore?