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SUPLA brings us his “Bossa Furiosa” & “O Charada Brasileiro”. Supla, a Punk Hardcore Brazzilian god, is well worth checkin’ out. His real talent lies in mixing tradition with the ’79 Punk ethics. He’s got a serious sense of humor with a voice and body to knock your socks off. He does it sometimes in English and other times in his native tongue. I’ve always said Punk lends its sound well to foreign tongue. When you hear this you really understand why he’s so 'big in Brazil!'

DEADLY WEAPONS - Hardcore Punk from SF! Frontgrrl Tina (who are you calling slow?) Lucchesi slams it to ya, crankin’ it up to 11 style! Fast – Hard - High energy Punk rock at its best! If you’re into NY Rel-X then this is right up your bum-flap!
www.deadweaps.com www.roadtoruindistro.com
ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY “Fulton Hill” – Yup, this is seriously cool. Excellent guitar sound sweeps you into this fiendish outlaw sound. It’s a dirty rotten, full on assault of maximum rock ‘n’ roll. A release valve for the inner psycho in us. Highly accomplished musicians make this a must have. Play loud!
www.alabamathunderpussy.com www.relapse.com
RICHARD BICKNELL & THE SHAMELESS LOVERS – Atlanta’s finest pop-rock combo bring us their latest. ‘rageous Richard is at it again, proving he’s not a one trick pony. “Baby Lightning” is full of meaningful ballads. Light with some dark shadows as when the sun goes down gently bathing you in the moonlight.
THE IZZYS send us the self-titled cd, feat. bonus video of “Dreaming”. Stick it in, dream a little dream and watch the show. Sweet rock for a bitter world. Keep the good times rolling and play along. Sounds that call from the blue roads. Hit the highway and follow your American dream.
www.theizzys.com www.kaninerecords.com
SMUT PEDDLERS Ah, this is more like it! And they are “Coming Out”! Pure Punk! They’re having a party and you’re invited! Rocky Horror riffs on Dead End. Jam packed with a slap in the face & a punch in the groin, Oi! This is great fun! Recommended for all you punk asses with too much energy to burn!
www.tkorecords.com www.roadtoruindistro.com
Here comes trouble: EXPLODING FUCK DOLLS are back with “Crack The Sale” – “…this scene is out, this dive’s going down!” This is as raw as it gets. Just a bunch of Fonz punk, real American tattooed love boys. These guys want to bring you a taste of their brand of punk rock’n’roll. Some excellent video footage in this cd and the best tracks from their hey days back in the 90’s. Watch out, they’re coming to devastate a town near you!
LAMONT “Thunder Boogie”. Ride shotgun on this one. This trio is drivin’ hard & fast across the face of R’n’R. No time to come up for air, plowing thru some nice heavy bass licks. Hot Wire, Vegas, Rocket Ride, Thunderboogie, to name just a few of the cool trax on this first class cd.
www.traktor7.com www.lamontband.com
SONIC WHORE sends me their demo. This works, it’s rawkus and true. The singers got a mouthful of gravel and it sounds great. Yeah, I’ll be washing this sound down with a cool beer at their next gig!
The SCRAGS are “One With Everything” They are having a lot of fun playing with sounds. A bunch of 60s influences went into this. Highly trippy product. Turn it up to sensaround. It’s truly a cosmic turn on, man. This gets a well deserved place in your stoner rock cd collection!
Wonton Records contact: scrags@comcast.net
RIFF RANDOM “Random Love EP”5 great tracks from this Australian bunch of lads. Real, very real. They go next to White Stripes & Jet on your mp3 player. This kicks ass. If you think you can live without these guys, think again! Go get a download at:
RUTH’S HAT ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Rock and Roll” - It’s full of fun riffs and sweet songs. Are these guys the new Beach Boys? Pop rock’n’roll with vocal harmonies to match. A nice bunch of lads, you could even take them home with ya! Mom approved.
LIBERATION Songs to Benefit PETA. Yeah, you heard. Go out and get this and help liberate a poor little critter from the clutches of the evil empire! It’s also a brilliant compilation put together by Fat Wreck Chords, which includes songs donated by District 7 – BigWig – Anti Flag – The Used – NOFX – Frenzal Rhomb and plenty more to get your teeth into! Hey, it’s even an enhanced CD with videos from Good Charlotte, Midtown, and Goldfinger. Punk priced at $3.98!!!

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