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January - 2005

If you're into rolling around on broken glass, check out JOHNNY CHEAPO "Rock-N-Roll Sinner". So-Cal punk, straight ahead and ready to knock ya down. Driving songs that shoot from the hip, these guys are loco.
"Road Warrior" is the latest from HAVOC, drop dead punk that never lets up. Crusher guitars and killer vocals throwing gasoline on the fire. Pure power and aggression, you better catch them soon before spontaneous combustion sets in.
Check out the STREETS OF AMERICA "Hardcore Punk & Oi Compilation". Featuring Criminal Intent, Ohio River Rats, Breaking Point, Drink Fight Thugs, Dead Heroes, and Downlow just to name a few of the eighteen bands on this United Riot Records release. Friggen ah, if you own dr. martin's but hate ska, this one's for you.
Hell yeah... BORN IN FLAMES sends me their self titled release. A wonderfully raw sound that never tries too hard, ripping songs recorded by Sir Steve Baise in his Steveland Studio in Virginia. All the love, none of the bullshit - simply smashing.
Beast Records
7 rue motte fablet, 35000 rennes france
"Blessed Black Wings" is the latest offering from HIGH ON FIRE. Dark metal monsters on one hell of a devil trip, the opening track 'devilution' says it all! Play it loud and piss the neighbors off, satan's got your back on this one.
Relapse Records
"The Pre-Fix For Death" comes from NECRO. Post rap with shades of hip-hop, they call it 'Death Rap'. Urban edged with an ear to the street, towering sounds that have ya covered from the hips down.
STRYCHNINE sends me "Born In A Bar", punk rock-n-roll that will have ya singing along. Good songs for great times, these boys deliver. To hell with the world... as the band says 'name your poison'.
TKO Records presents: SACRAMENTO SCENE REPORT featuring Whiskey Rebels, Pressure Point, Killing The Dream, The Secretions, and The Roustabouts. Post punk fresh from the California streets, listen up - the new school is knocking at the door.
ANTISEEN are your "Badwill Ambassadors". Seventeen songs that will have you flying around the room, these boys are in a league of their own. Bad-ass rock-n-rollers out to take over the world. Be afraid... very afraid.
File under what the fuck... THE WEEGS send me "Meat The Weegs". Experimental garage rockers who appear to be very well medicated. Pills, thrills and effect pedals - noisy bits for you to chew on, served raw!
Hungry Eye Records
PO Box 20403, Tompkins Square Station, NY NY 10009
This would of been great in 1985... TIGER MOUNTAIN sends me "Get Along Like A House On Fire". Power pop rockers looking for the mainstream, well crafted songs for hungover Sunday mornings. Coffee and cigarettes sold separately.
Three songs to get you off - VAINGLORIOUS sends me their latest demo. Hard rockin grooves and somber moods, the fight between rages on. Not bad out of the gate, check back in when ya hit the home stretch.
BEGINNING IS THE END sends me "No Direction". A heavy handed mix of chords and chaos, post-punk garage rock with no place to go. A swirling pool of 'modern bizarre'.

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