Starr Tucker: CD Reviews

Here's what I found in me box this summer...



Wise-ass boys from Philly, Loafass give us Smoke & Mirrors. With odes to beer and tattoos, partying & dissing Jersey, how can you miss? Attitude with a capitol FU. If you don’t like ‘em you know what you can do... Makes me wanna break something—something fun to break.


Virginia’s punk lunatics THE CANDY SNATCHERS have a new album out on Drug Front Records called - Down at Delilah’s - Waste rock rides again as Larry May harasses you with his screaming vocals. Like experiencing one of their frenzied shows without the blood.


This is weird, like those really strange classic lo-fi 60’s psychedelic records recorded in some basement flop pad. sometimes poppy, then bluesy, then experimental, then WTF. You just know everybody’s high on something, and they’re like, “hey, let’s try this.” while passing ’round the bowl. Parcels of Marbles by I’m Turning Into is surprisingly entertaining. Yeah, the strangeness can become catchy. And figure you’re gonna be stairin’ at the cover til you get a headache, cause you’re gonna be on drugs too, when you’re listening to this.


From the back alleys and detention halls of Queens comes SPED with their hardcore/oi/punk CD - Dad I Learned It From Watching You! – you’ll be waving and spilling your beer, singing along and ready for the pit. Tattoos and tricycles, ya gotta love it!


NYC-based CHARETTA brings us female-fronted goth rock that is clean and sparkly with awesome vocals from Angelina DelCarmen. Supberbly produced, I could listen to the whole EP A Nation Distracted in one sitting and not want to die.


Nice tits guys! The album cover will entice you to give the Golden Girls EP a listen and you will be glad you did when you hear the gritty sounds of the latest in the line of up and coming new-rawk city’s sexy dirty rockers, CIRCUS LIFE. Just add whiskey and prepare to bang your head! Ladies, wear your panties…or not…


Load up the bong, PIPEBOMB has 34 minutes of hard rock on their new album - Still. Melodic metal from Poptown Records with a smashup of songs with outstanding vocals from Dan Flynn that keep you listening through the entire CD without hitting a button.


NAKED - Hair of Motley Crue riffs like Kiss & the trashy decadent attitude of NY Dolls, this adorable band from Finland sings songs in English that pump you up and make you want to rip off your clothes. Double Down will keep you satisfied long time.


With songs like “Bridal Shower Bingo Cards”, NEW KILLER STARS rock your ass off with their sleazy, grungy party tunes recorded in Asheville, NC. But they also show their bluesy side with a couple of slower tunes. This band from the Netherlands is refreshing with their album - Crash Their Parties And Rob Their Houses.


THE X-SPURTS are pure retro pop/rock from New Jersey reminding you of the early 80’s with a Cheap Trick feel. You won’t be able to stop looking at the cover artwork which tells you exactly what you will hear. Fun and subtle with a happy danceable. Their tight album - Strangers to Love - is available on Poptown Records.


A little late arriving to the Starr Tucker offices, THE BAMBOO KIDS bring us the CD - The Way Things Are - on Drug Front Records. Jangly pop punk that has lasted the test of NYC time, this record will have you dancing in the streets, potholes be damned. Thank God for no cellophane wrapping… must save my nails, darling.


RIVERSYDE - Young ‘uns from Austin, Texas with a variety of gritty pop that will be sure to attract the sharks of the music biz. On their debut EP - Knocking on My Door, Shane Blake’s awesome vocals sound older than his young face seems capable of, but the lyrics, melodies and guitars support his deep growl with expertise.


THIRTY-SIX THIRTY - Angry at the World - Made up of 5 school teachers and a guy with a bass in Pennsylvania, Thirty-Six Thirty doles out sweet female vocals singing lyrics about someone who obviously pissed her off. Conjuring up the sounds of Debbie Harry and Liz Phair, this new wave synth alt rock is perfect for a bitter break-up.