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A Summer To Sweat In


THE VONGHOULS sling us Can You Deal With Nothing – Fabulous Garage Rock with a Pop twist on the side and a dash of dirty licks & slinky sidekicks. Groovy harmonies keepin’ the vocals movin’ on. There’s nothing dead about this motley crew. A little Beatles, a little Thunders, what a combo this could turn into - something bigger than both of us! Check ‘em out, these guys have a sound that’s totally key to what every kid should be listening to!
On 7” Vinyl with cd enclosed in purple of black! This may be hidden treasure!
Zodiac Records


THE LOVEKILL bring us These Moments Are Momentum – Fast big city sounds from Cleveland. Sticking it where it feels really good. Tense, edgy, exciting and, yes, full of momentum. A serious understanding of where they stand. These guys rock out in a post hardcore world.

MISS DERRINGER bring us Lullabies – coolness abound in this cd. Sweet sounds from the most excellent & beautiful Miss Derringer will feed the rebel in your soul. Blondie's drummer Clem Burk lends his hand in this superb album. Tarantino should pay attention. Midnite twangs, secret encounters. Buy this cd and run with it.

T.S.R. call the shots As One Voice – fast, hungry 16 yr old Southern California punks out to make this world their world. Catchy guitar riffs, hot & heavy drums. This is purely insane rock with nothing to fear. They are hungry & want more. The youth of today is tomorrow’s future.

KITTY AND THE KOWALSKIS bring us Chinese Democracy! NYC’s powerhouse does it again. This is full-on punk rawk giving total kudos to Dee Dee & Joey Ramone. Straight up, or on the rocks, this one will keep ya head banging and body slamming with the best of ‘em. Party on…

BUTTERTHIEF are full of eastern promise with a three song sampler from their up and coming album, Riding The Radiowaves - Manish Tandon, with drummer Joey Repice (QueenV), Aram Bajakian on lead guitar & bassist Raed El-Khazen help, he understands where he is from and where he is going. Soft rock, ridding the highway to a better life. Cool your heels and heal your soul…

Just as you thought you’d heard it all, from Germany comes the best fastest bunch o’ Punx out there - SS-KALIERT with their latest DSKlation cd – let’s get things right, “To those of you who think or spread that SS-Kaliert have even the smallest thing to do with right-wing-nazi-shit doesn’t have a clue and shall drop dead.” Back to the point, to hear this stuff in German is a real kick! Sometimes the right language can send you into the oblivion you’ve just been looking for!

Swedish band THE CHARADE send us their Real Life Drama – sweet  dreams for a midnite summer sun. Lovely. Just lovely. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Indie Pop in the extreme. Simple tunes for a simple mind. The prettiest tunes you could ever want to hear. Soft as a cloud on a summer’s day. Brilliantly executed. Look out for the Charade. Underneath they may be rain.

THE YEAR ZERO send us Oceania, I Will Return – a trippy, scene. This feels like Riven/Myst/Dune… smoothing and soothing electronica waves with soft acoustic overtones. Get over to the island and search your soul for the answers… Total chill music…

CORTEZ THE KILLER – Alternative Hard Rock with a kick! Strong vocals sing catchy lyrics to kool tunes. This is good stuff! A precise aggressive attack on the senses. They love what they do and it shows. Great musicians turning you on to the finer side of hard rock. Catch ‘em while you can at a local near you!

MODERN MACHINES tell us Take It, Somebody! – all the way across in Milwaukee, they make music like this. Good ol’ hard fast Rock’n’Roll straight from the mid-west. Cheap Rent, Cheap Beer, Cheap Shots says it all. Good on ya, lads!

MILKY WAYS send us their self-named cd – hard fast rip your heart out rockin’ punkin’ out of your head all the way from Montreal! Dirty sounds, raw to the max!! the Deviants vs MC5? Yeah, just about sums it up.

What can you say 'bout Boston Punk Rockers? Yup, that's right-- and Wife Beater by ZUZUKI SMITH is it. But, you don't have to be misogynistic to love this stuff! Drugs, alcohol, sex and general shit kicking are also on their minds.
Beantown, you gotta be proud!

Velvet ropes and fine wine... CHRISTINE SMITH gives us Tomorrow Blues, jangled tunes that soar and swoon. Black light cabaret from the other side of life... midnight never sounded so good.

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