Trans-mission are:
Jim Marshall on lead vocals and occasional guitar
Kev Witt on lead guitar and backing vocals
Paul Maskell on bass
Dave Whiston on drums.


London band Trans-mission are glamming their way across the Atlantic. Formed in 2004 from various London bands Jim, Kev, Paul and Dave wanted to create a bohemian sound to counter act the pop rock London sound of the time and reach the darker side of hedonism

Self described as a psycho-garage rock’n’roll band, Trans-Mission combine to create a genre with a large mix of influences from Fifties rock’n’roll , Sixties rock/ psychedelic, Seventies New York punk, and rockabilly.
Some say they do it for the love of music. Some might say they just love to dress-up… whichever, you’ll see their trashy-shiny ways, there may even be a glimmer of bondage in there. You’ll catch a little Dave Vanian and the Phantom Chords, a little Cramps, a smattering of B52s thrown in for good measure.

The band have just released their third “mini” album entitled “A Night at the Theater Ends in Murder” here in the US and a new one on its way for the fall…
Watch out, they are heading this way this summer to NYC!!!?

NY Waste met up with the lads for a quicky down the Kings Road at “Fifteen Minutes” the rock’n’roll emporium and tattoo parlor.

Why did you get into playing?
Was it;
A. To score girls?
B. Love of the music?
C. To not be one of the crowd?
D. ‘Cos all your friends etc told you were good?
E. ‘Cos you knew you were good?
The Love of Music!

If we asked the other band members what they thought of you
Personally,what do you think they would say?
Jim says “loud mouth drunk probably”
Dave says “Best drummer in the world!”
Paul says “The sensible one”
Kev says “A bit of a plonker but a nice fella”

How many years have you been playing?
All - Between 10-15 years overall, 8 years with this band.

Are you content with your life right now?
Yes 2009 has been one long drunken party so far. Though you should ask my therapist.

Do you do what your management advises, without question?
We manage ourselves and release our own records via our own label. Luckily we managed to get a distribution deal. I don’t think bands need managers unless they are looking to be a top 40 act.

Where are you guys headed?
To New York in the summer/fall for some live shows and we are currently recording our 4th album which we hope to have out in the fall.

What do you like to drink (beer, wine, whiskey, etc.)
Jim and Kev definitely favour Scotch Whiskey;
Dave likes real ale and Guinness.
Paul likes Polish lager or fine wines.

Favorite bar:
In the UK - 12 Bar Club as it is right behind were we rehearse in Soho. Live bands every night, good measures of Whiskey, and crazy looking staff. Slim Jims Liquor store in Islington is another cool bar the name says it all.

Best jukebox:
Definitely Slim Jims Liquor Store for a good mixture of whiskey drinking songs by the likes of The Doors, Stones, Hendrix, Guns’n’Roses, BRMC etc.

What disc / record / mp3 is on your player:
New York Dolls and The Doors at the moment.

Favorite place to play / entertain:
We’ve always enjoyed The Cavern Club in Liverpool and the Cross Kings in London is a recent find for us gigging wise and really like the venue. They closed The Metro Club to build a train station – progress huh?

Fender or gibson:
Kev plays a Zac Wilde Gibson and Jamie and Paul both use Fender, so a tough one. To resolve it I would say that Gretsch make the coolest looking guitars.

Do you pick up hitchhikers when on tour:
Why not we’ve got s song about a serial killer that picks up hitchhikers.

Favorite brand of condom:
Trojan, Durex, nothing from my local pub last time that machine was loaded it was 1986! Probably open up the wrapper and it’ll just be dust

Favorite junk food:
Pizza, Curry, Burgers.

Best wasted moment:
So many stories where would we start, Jim dislocating his shoulder while jumping around to Motorhead after a gig, Paul telling a group of guys how shit the headline band is, only for them to reply and say ‘we are the headline band!’
Kev once woke up in the royal paddock at Hampton court palace and ended up being chased by the Queens horses.

What was it that made you pick up your instruments and why that instrument?
Jim Says: I didn’t play any instrument as a kid and predominately always wanted to be a singer.
I eventually decided on the guitar as a tool to use for writing songs which I taught myself to play and over time have grown to love playing and definitely the guitar is my instrument of choice.
I only actually play it onstage for the odd song that needs two guitars but use it to write every song that I write at home. I also really love the harmonica and have been playing for a few years now.
Kev says: got into the guitar through the old man as a kid in the evenings he would play and teach me stuff like Green Onions, hit the road jack, house of the rising sun. I got the bug instantly. Guitar was going to be my instrument!
What turned you on to playing music?
Jim says: A great way to express any human emotion whether it’s sexual, violent, addiction, tragedy or otherwise.
As a front person the escape in the act of a show is unreal and allows me to release any insanity inside me.
Kev says: Probably a sense of escapism and able to be as creative as you want without any boundaries, and a way to focus all your negatives energies into something positive

What was it that made you pick up your instruments and why that  instrument?
Dave Says:  My parents. So I could be part of the school Wind band (yes, really!)
Paul says: There was a vacancy for a bass player and I thought - four strings, how hard can it be?!

What turned you on to playing music?
Dave Says: Again, my parents! (time to cut the umbilical cord!)
Paul says: When I realised I wasn’t going to be a footballer it seemed like a cool alternative

Any advice to young wanna bees who may be reading this?
Do it for the fun of it, make sure you have a good wardrobe and haircut and don’t expect to have any success beyond your friends coming to see you unless you are prepared to put in a a lot of time arranging stuff and working on your writing, playing etc. Don’t get a manager their pointless at that level, be prepared to make loads of mistakes managing yourself and eventually you will get it right. Having a lawyer can be handy though. Don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks about your music as long as your happy and enjoying what you’re doing then do it. Save the attitude for when you’re on-stage – not the other bands on the bill, the sound guy etc.

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Look out for gigs this side of the pond!!

Pics: Lucky Lawler ©2009