SEX SLAVES “Sssssay What” (Sssssay What? performed by SEX SLAVES written by eric13, del cheetah and j/bomb.
© 2009 Radio 229 Music, Scoutworld and Pay in My Pocket (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.) -   THE DIRTY PEARLS  “Bruises” -  THE COMPULSIONS “Rock ‘N’ Roll Johnny” - THE BULLYS “Skel” - BEANTOWN BOOZEHOUNDS “On The Road” (courtesy of SAILOR'S GRAVE RECORDS!) - LOAFASS “Cold Beer” - BLACKOUT SHOPPERS “Holy Scroll, Toilet Roll” - WORLD WAR IX “Thank God It’s Monday” - STATUES OF LIBERTY “Miss Amerika” - St. SAT B “New Year” - CRYPTKEEPER FIVE “Sleeperhold” - HONAH LEE “Sobered, So Bored!” - FAKE GIMMS “The Cell Phone Song” - FEAR THE STATE “Gangsters and Rockstars” - KILLCODE “6AM Again” - BILLY MAGEE “The Happy Song”


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