They're not bullys
They're nice guys.
They won't beat you up and take your lunch money
(Well, I don't think so, anyway)

We met them at the Roxy Studios under the Long Island Expressway in Queens one late night last week. These are the loosest, sweetest, hardest Rock and Roll guys to come out of Rockaway Beach since the A train express was thundering uptown.

NYW: Well boys, how do you do it?
"We don't have jobs. This is Gerard and what I do for a living? Nothing. I play fucking music. Music is my life. For fun? I play music."
"Professional freeloader!"
"I'm Stack. I work enough jobs to make up for Gerard! I work all day, everyday."
"I'm Todd. I play base, I manage a store."
"I'm Johnny. Fireman."
"He's the liar, the liar of the group. He's also an Astronaut!"
"I'm Joey, I'm a professional Drunk."
"Oooh, ohh."
"He's good at it too."

NYW: So what's up with women and PMS?
"PMS... It sucks."
"It's a bad disease, you know. I'm glad I'm a guy."
"Yeah, PMS sucks, for everybody. Guy's included."
"Actually the guy's gotta take the brunt of the PMS. You get the attitude of it."

NYW: "Do you actually like women at all?"
"We only go out with Sluts."
"Like 'em. Do we have to?"
"We love women."
"Yeah, we love women."
"I like being around them and having things to do with them. And liking them? I don't know."
"Well you know, if I have to."
"Do what you have to do."
"PMS is going to be on our new album. We Only Go Out With Sluts is going to be on our new album. The hits just keep coming: I Want To Be Famous, New York City Man is going to be on it. What else we got guys."
"Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme money, Gimme Sex, Gimme Drugs, Drugs, Drugs. I Don't Expect A Thing From Anyone. A whole bunch of classics."

NYW: So, tell us how you guys got together.?
"We didn't have a base player, we called him up tonight."
"Yeah, Todd was on what corner?"
"Collecting cans on St. Marks."
"He was making more money than any of us."
"Very lucrative business."
"You have to see the line of those freakin' can people in front of the supermarkets."
"I know."
"Yeah, those shopping carts."
"That's why he joined the band, so he could beat up on everybody and get to the front of the line."
"It's horrible, man."

NYW: How long you guys been together?
"Me 'n Johnny have know each other for a very long time. We go way back to Rockaway Beach growing up."
"Your going good there, that's wild."
"Oh, boy."
"It's all downhill from here."
"Prop him up."
"Give him a fireman's lift."
"Need a lift, stick a jack up your arse."
"We've been together one year. Feels like..."
"I'm ready to get a divorce."
"Have you filed?"
"Yeah, okay?"
"He's been denied twice!"
"I'm in denial."
"On what grounds?"
"PMS... ha, ha."

NYW: Tell us about your Punk Rock compilation CD.
"Out of the 28 songs in there I'd say we're in the top 5 or so, really."
"It's very good."
"I enjoyed it a lot."
"I'm pretty sure we could kick every groups ass though."
"The funny thing is the tittle, Back To Rockaway Beach Part II, and it's from Canada too."
"We were supposed to play the Canadian gig but there just wasn't enough driving money involved."
"It's a long way."
"Just not enough."
"Long walk, right."
"We've left the CD over on St. Marks by Coney Island High."

NYW: So, you are on the first creative steps of your next CD. Are you going to get Marky Ramone to produce this next CD?
"We're going for a classic raw 70's sound."
"We can't afford him anymore!"
"He wants to produce us again."

NYW: He (Marky Ramone) is a great influence on you.
"Na, he's not an influence personally, but throughout of years listening to music that was the Rockaway sound Johnny has written with this influence. Having Marky was just totally coincidental. We were waiting in the studio one morning and he was there at the same studio, and everyone talked and we got together."
"There is a Ramones influence in our music but I think there's huge difference."
Gerard: "When he produced the last CD, he gave me all his symbols, the snare drum from the Sedated album, everything. I was using all his shit, so it was like he was sitting there. But still he said: "I wish my album sounded like that. Remember?"
"Yeah, that's probably why he wants to do the next one too."
"But we don't want that sound, we want more of a Punk New York sound."
"We're gonna find our own sound."
"We have our own sound, we'd just like to duplicate onto the format."

NYW: Who's sound do you like?
"The old stuff: Wayne County & The Electric Chairs, I mean that's not what we're like, but maybe with a touch of Lou Reed. That NY late 70's sound."
"Nah, I tell you when we play the clubs and we're up against the other people, we just destroy 'em. We have just a regular classic Rock & Roll sound and our heart goes right out with the music."

photo: Lucky Lawler

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