Miss Adena's interview with
George Tabb of Furious George

Adena: When did Furious George begin? Which member came up with the name?
George: The band began around, um, I dunno, like '95 or '96. Um, I can't remember. I have too many drugs in my brain. But anyway, I was called "Furious George The Jew" as a kid, and the name kinda stuck. But then I forgot about it, but was reminded of it by a girl named Rebecca. So that's how we got the name. And now Curious George wants it. Fucking little monkey.

Adena: Do you think the lawsuit against the band is ridiculous?
George: Which lawsuit? Houghton-Mifflin are spanking their own monkey too much if you ask me. Fuckers. And tell me that The Man In The Yellow Hat isn't some sort of Nazi or Nambla member or something. What's he doing hanging out with a little monkey all day long, and keeping him in a cage. Fucking pervert is what I think.

Adena: If you weren't called, "Furious George" what other name would you choose and why?
George: My amp goes up to 11. It's one louder. See? 11! It goes up to 11! Isn't that amazing?

Adena: Who are some of your favorite bands?
George: Oh, Bikini Contest for sure. After that, there is The Village People, Ramones, and Dead Boys. Also some locals like Hammerbrain, Murder In The Brady House, Teenage Supplicants, and the almighty Dick Army. I also love old Metallica and Slayer. But James Bond music is my favorite stuff next to Rocky Horror music.

Adena: What do you enjoy most about touring?
George: Coming home. Touring is like hitting your head with a hammer...when you stop, it feels good.

Adena: Is there any one incident you can remember most?
George: Actually, we started a riot in Berkley at The Gilman Street. That has to have been my favorite show. They threw dead animals at us. It was so gross it was funny. Of course we kicked some asses, and swore up a storm, but it was wonderful. Riots at punk rock shows are what it's all about, baby!

Adena: What venues do you enjoy playing at in New York?
George: The Continental is like our home. Noel and Trigger are very cool to us, and I'd have to say that that's my favorite place. I used to play CBGB's a lot, but things kinda changed over there, and I'm not sure why, but I really love Hilly, and I think Louise is really nice. The Coney is also fun. But I'd have to say Continental is like our home.

Adena: If you could change anything about NYC, what would it be?
George: St. Marks Place. I'd make all those pan-handlers from Long Island and Jersey get jobs. Little pieces of shit. There are real homeless people who really need money, and really can't get work, and these little white brats from the 'burbs come in and take money from those who really need it, so they can buy 40's and weed. Little fuck faces. And they should take showers too, little twits.

Adena: If you weren't in a band or writing, what you be doing?
George: My amp goes up to 11. It's one louder. See? 11! It goes up to 11! Isn't that amazing?

Adena: When is the next Furious George show?
George: Well, right now we are Evanless. Our bass player, Evan, just quit. We are playing a lot of out of town shows with fill-ins, but as soon as we find a permanent replacement, we'll be back in black. Did I tell you I make the band wear black leather jackets and black t-shirts? You know why? Cause, it's punk rock!