There are only two ways that real stars are to be seen: on stage and in the boudoir, there is no in between. Lucky Lawler was lucky enough to be greeted at the door by Marky wearing nothing but a black robe.

Marky's newest and most exciting band: The Speed Kings!

Marky: Yeah. The Speed Kings! Did you hear the album? It's very rawkus, very wild, very crazy, very strange subject matter.

The Intruders?

M: When the Ramones broke up, I had songs written already that I didn't think went along with the Ramones style, so I figured I save these songs to put out some albums of my own. I just wanted to have some more albums out in the Ramones bins. You know, I'd go the record store, it says Ramones, and I figured why not. Then I got a record deal and I got them in there. I was happy just for that.

Then I toured. I really didn't want to, but I was asked to do it to promote these two albums I put out. I did it for two and half years and that was enough and I had a good time.

When Joey & Dee Dee died, especially Joey, at this time I was playing with the Misfits, (I still am) but, I needed something to get me out of my depression. I knew Joey was dying, but when I visited him in the hospital, it just kinda like... it was the reality, and knowing that he wasn't going to be around for much longer, because of the cancer. We always hoped for the best.

So these guys who I knew in Europe called me, the band was the Speed Kings. I knew them from before and they asked me to play on their CD. They sent me their material to see if I liked it and I did. So I went over there, recorded and this is the result.

Did you write any songs on it?

M: I wrote two songs on it. I didn't really have time to do anything more, and most of the songs were written already.

How long have you been with them.

M: I play on and off with them in Europe. I guess about a year.

I've just been reading about your gigs in Europe, they sound really great.

M: They've been insane, it never ends.

The French must really love you.

M: The French were great, the Italians, the Spanish, Scandinavia... It was wonderful. And their condolences about Dee Dee and Joey I really appreciate. It was really great to see that people felt that.

Marky is writing his autobiography. We are all looking forward to reading his take on those great years. The whole Punk scene from '74 on.

M: It's about my friends who are still here and who aren't here, the whole deal.

Starting out in the early '70s with a short burst with Wayne County and the BackstreetBoys & two years with Richard Hell and the Voidoids, his musical influence is expansive. He played on the Blank Generation album which was with the same record company that the Ramones were on, so that's how they met. He joined the Ramones in '78. His career also includes producing various albums.

You produced the first Bully's cd.

M: I was in the studio when they happened to be there and they asked me to produce their album. I said let me hear what you got. I heard a demo and the lyrics were great. It was very juvenile, which I liked, because it appealed, in my opinion, to 15 to18 year olds. I gave them a raw sound and I liked it. Then, unfortunately, John died recently in 9-11, the attack, and it's a shame that all this shit came down. Besides Joey, him and Dee Dee I've been constantly barraged with people who I knew dying. So, I did that album too. I liked the fact that he was a fireman and in a band at the same time. That's another reason why I did it. I hope they continue to go on, which I think they are.

Also, luckily, I did a live album in NY with Dee Dee Ramone two and half years ago. It's all Ramones songs, he sings and plays guitar and that just came out about a week ago on Sanctuary. The same company that Joey's solo album came out on that I played on.

There's a lot of stuff going on, but the Speed Kings are more in tune with now. They are very fast and they're rawkus.

It turned my head when I heard it. It was like, Yes! I love that sound, it's got that pre-punk, early Motorhead, raw power.

M: Early Ramones, early Motorhead, there's a lot of combinations of things in there. These guys are European. I always admired the European sense of musicianship, because I always thought that... I mean, the Ramones started Punk and all that, I'm not going to argue or debate that, the thing is that as a kid growing up I always admired the European approach to music. Especially with great bands that were out there, like the Who and the Kinks, the Beatles and the Stones even the Pistols first album is excellent, stuff like that. I always admired that. When I went there to play with the the Speed Kings I said, I don't think that they could do any wrong. It was pretty cool to do that. The Speed Kings album is really the thing that I am proud of. Very fast, very rawkus, very energetic. The subject matter is pretty funny. And that's it. You know, I'm doing it because I enjoy it and that's what comes first.

Just recently, I just finished the Misfits oldies album. They're coming out with an oldies album of twelve songs, Ramones 'Misfits' style. That should be out in December.

You are talking about CDs covering the Ramones and things like that.

M: Oh, god. There's been so many cover bands doing Ramones songs, but the one that I heard that I really am embarrassed about is this one coming out... I have a right to express my opinion... You have all these bands on there like Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Metalicca. And we never liked these groups and a lot of their fans don't like the Ramones and a lot of Ramones fans don't like them. It's all a business ploy by the company to put it out and make money.

What about that one done by Radical Records, the international Ramones Forever, did you hear that one.

M: That one's good and I like Gabba Gabba Hey.

It's great, they've taken your songs, but they are really doing it in their own way, their own interpretation rather than copy.

M: Exactly, that's cool. But I could see through the other one, it's so phony. I mean, the Ramones stand to make dollars on it's release, but money isn't everything and I told the fans on the official Ramones website to buy something else, because I heard it and I thought it was really... bad. Everything else is great. You see these bands and they have all these samples and they have all this trickery and that's what it's not about. The only good thing on that album is Rancid and Motorhead. Two songs and that's it! Everything else I heard I just... they raped the song! That's just my opinion. It's up to the individual to decide what they think of it.

He has just come home after touring with the Speed Kings for a over a year in Europe and with three days rest, Marky is going on tour for thirty days with the Misfits.

The Speed Kings hit the US on December 27th. Watch out for 'em.

M: I'd rather do nothing if I don't enjoy it, but if I enjoy it, it comes first.

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