Bry'n #23 Lead Guitar & Vocals

Eric #13 Rhythm Guitar & backup vocals (& the brains behind the operation)

Marty #8 Drums

Jen #00 Sex Dancer

Del Cheetah #55 with Ancel's departure he's lending his bass skills and bringing in something new til the real one comes along... (maybe he is the 'real one'?)

Hanging in Mama Buddah eating Chinese...

Lucky: Now, tell me, how did it all begin?

Marty: It was in a bar, and Eric said to Bry'n, you wanna join the Sex Slaves? Bry'n said, yeah. He said, what about you, Marty? I said, me too.

Eric: We had this one song, 2 AM. I had been recording it. I said Bry'n, I want you to come play on it. Live. We had one rehersal, played a show, and have been the best band in NY ever since.

Marty: One drunk rehersal, complete intoxication.

Eric: But it came to life. Great song writing.

Marty: Now we've created a monster.


Marty: This is all of our first band.

Bry'n: Yeah, life started with the Sex Slaves. Everything else..

Eric: Jean Simons likes us. Vince Neal likes us. Peter Criss likes us.

Marty: I like us.

Eric: Marty #8 Likes us.

Marty: My girlfriend likes us.

Marty: All my girlfriends like us.

Eric: All the girls at 119 really like us. Sometimes a little too much.

Lucky: Who's the current line up?

Eric: Sex Slave 13. Sex Slave 23. Sex Slave 8.

Marty: We also have a stand-in, Sex Slave 55.

Eric: That's his number? Cool. And number 69 is there in spirit.

Lucky: Who is number 69?

Eric: The inimitable, the beautiful, the often imitated, never duplicated, often intoxicated, Ancel Star.

Marty: And of course Miss 00Sex.

Eric: The greatest accompaniment a band has ever seen.

Lucky: I hear she's appearing on the Playboy channel?

Eric: Well, 00Sex appeared on the show 'Shipmates' last week. It was a huge hit. Hanging out with Vince Neal.

Lucky: They took her to California?

Eric: It was actually in Bermuda. All expense paid trip.

Lucky: how did she get picked?

Marty: She's a Sex Slave, that's how.

Eric: Vince Neal heard the demo, loved it. Playboy channel was also there and asked her to dance to one of our songs on a special on the Playboy Channel which is going to be airing next month.

We were featured on Metro Channel last month.

Lucky: What made you pick up your instrument in the begining?

Marty: My brother played drums and made a tremendous noise which I'm inclined to doing no matter what I'm doing.

Eric: I can vouch for that.

Marty: I always loved Kiss, but I wanted to be Jean Simon-, on the drums... Pretty soon I would be drumming on my bed. I have seven older brothers, they would bring their college girlfriends home, I was five years old. They would go play pinball together and drink beer and I would play drums on my bed to Kiss Alive II to these college age women. I find that life hasn't changed all that much 20 years later.

Lucky: Yes, but do you have a big toungue?

Marty: Ummm... Well, you know, I'm not afraid to use it. That's my story.

Lucky: Are we still talking about your tougue? Anyone else got a big one?

Bry'n: Mine's piearced.

Marty: His girlfriend wears the ring around her neck, though.

Bry'n: My nipple.

Marty: I've got a nipple piearcing too.

Eric: No holes here.

Bry'n: It's not there anymore. But I can show you how I can leak on any bathroom floor because of it. Marty plays drums because he likes to bang things.

Lucky: A big Banger.

Marty: I'm the big Bang'rist.

Bry'n: I picked up the guitar because I wanted to get laid. I'll be brutally honest.

Marty: Did it work for you Bry'n?

Bry'n: Once I perfected how to tap, it did. I got down to the artificial harmonics.

Lucky: What other techniques have you guys learnt to enhance your abilities?

Eric: A pocket rocket never hurts.

Marty: A 'pocket rocket'?

Eric: Learning how to use the dimer switch in the 119 bathroom. Thanks Ancel.

Bry'n: We love you Nikki. Another original Sex Slave. Once a Sex Slave, always a Sex Slave. Kinda like being in a gang. One day I won't even be in the Sex Slaves. But the name will keep on going. None of us will be in the Sex Slaves. It'll just keep going, like the Beach Boys or something.

Marty: Like Kiss.

Eric: Extra Sex Slaves: #1 is Jen Dixon, Sex Slave #3 is Jeff, our road manager. Sex Slave #5 is Tor from Joker Five Speed.

By the way, happy Birthday, Sex Slave #13 is now twenty Sex years old!

Lucky: How old are the rest of you?

Marty: 23.

Lucky: Do you ever get older?

Bry'n: I get bolder.

Lucky: Do you think you beter at it as you get older?

Marty: I'll leave that to the public.

Bry'n: I want to get fucking drunk. I'm sick of eating.

We move to the White Horse across the road.

Marty: We're the most fun band that I've ever been in, but we happend to take our fun extremely seriously. You can take that to the bank.

Eric: Kate is Sex Slave #34D. Monty is # 666. Del Cheetah #55

Lucky: What's your favorite position?

Bry'n: That's actually the line in one of my songs.

Eric: It is, in 'Do It Again'. My favorite is Gunns on top.

Bry'n: I like sweet Amy position.

Marty: I like whatever position is open at the time.

Bry'n: He likes the position with his hands...

Marty: Well, that does happen sometimes, as we know.

Bry'n: He likes palm position.

Marty: What do you like, all positions.

Marty: People are dissin' us, but we don't have to diss them.

Bry'n: Yeah, a lot of people are starting to get jelous of us.

Marty: We're not going to mention names, but we are getting dissed. They're ripping down our stickers. Calling us a joke.

Bry'n: We're not going to mention any names, we're not going to diss anyone back, because I'm very happy. We know who we are. I'm a Sex Slave and I'm very happy doing what I'm doing. Therefore, I don't really have to address anyone by name, but...


Collectively: The Sex Slaves dedicate our next record to Niki Sixx & Johnny Thunders. We love Johnny Thunders. Guns & Roses. We love Tibbie XxX. We have a collective crush on Tibbie XxX. The bartender from Luxx the other night. Oh, she's hot, yeah... and to Scrappy, Make sure you put that in. Stephanie. Yeah, we wrote a song about Stephanie. We love her, one of the hottest girls in town. Kate & Korbi at Double Happiness. We want to double team you. Yup, pretty much... Our girlfriends. Yeah, all my girlfriends... Present, past and future... Gina. Monkey Butt. Abby from Slunt. Margaux. Lucky's falling asleep. The Waitresses here at Mama Budda. All the waitresses everywhere. Bartenders everywhere. Our newest Sex Slave, Lucky #7. That girl that I look like I'm kissing in the Waste... Marty likes them all shapes and sizes. No, Marty just likes them all...

Lucky: Drugs?

Collectively: You got some? Whadoyagot? I don't do drugs... Drugs do me... Drugs are bad... Especially tomorrow morning...

Eric: The only good drugs is Spanish Fly.

Bry'n: We're like Gene Simons, we don't do drugs.

Marty: We just have lot's of sex.

Eric: What's that date rape drug called? Roofies.

Marty: Ya, I know, I want someone to give it to me.

Eric: I love it when girls give me that. Girls keep giving me Roofies.

Marty: Girls keep trying to take advantage of me with the use of drugs, and I wish they would stop... Sometime next year.

Bry'n: I don't do drugs.

Collectively: Alcohol. Yeah!

Lucky: Eric, you said you were going to give it up yesterday with your pre-birthday hangover?

Eric: Alcohol, yup. I'm never going out drinking again... (Drinks arrive) For at least... The time it takes to put the drink on the table...

Eric: Yup, I've been band from 119 this weekend.

Lucky: How did you manage that.

Eric: I don't know, I blacked out.

There's a lot of great promoters and a lot of cool things happening around town. There's Steve Blush, super cool dude, Love Frankie Wood the greatest promoter.

Bry'n: Banana Fish Zero sucks.

Eric: BFZ are one of the worst bands I've ever heard.

Marty: We're going to kick all their arses.

Eric: the singer has one of the worse voices.

Bry'n: Texas, what kind of a name is that...

Marty: Texas is the only drummer in NY who is worse than I am. Nah, we love those guys.

Eric: They are our favorite band.

Marty: Basically we're joined at the hip.

Eric: They are the greatest band.

Collectively: We like Abby Ehmann a lot. Gotta give kudos to our friends, Rob and Georgie from the Compulsions, yeah, Georgie Seville, yeah he's a good guy and Rob is like: "What are you looking for the long hot summer."

Bry'n: Luxx sucks, I hate that fucking place, I'll never play there again. That place fucking sucks, Williamsburg, you can kiss my ass.

Lucky: What happened at Luxx.

Bry'n: I'm from Queens, I don't care about that place. I'm down with Jam Master J, rest in peace.

Collectively: To Peter Bernard for all that fine video work. Remi Vicious, I want to take a stab at the hatchet dance. Amo. Velocity, Morgan. A huge shout out for Jay-Bomb, Three of Cups. Mummy. Santo, that fine actor that he is... Tommy Hill from 119... Send some love to Kristen at Hog Pit. I'm gonna give a big thumbs up for Eric & Max at Lit and Eyerly and Eryn. We'll forgive you for what you said about us after Nikki left. Thanks for the birthday present. Stephanie. Lucky's camera. To New York Waste our favorite newspaper. Kudos to my Minneapolis crew. A shout out to all my dead homies. This one goes out to Ozzie, Tommy Iommi. Ian Pace from Deep Purple, at least you're still alive. Mick Jagger, Keith. We can blame all of this on Mick & Keith. It's all Mick & Keith's fault. And Kiss. This goes out to Peter Criss, my buddy. To the limme family who loves Kiss. To Jeff's mom, Mixer, Gig Lizzy, favorite rehersal studio. Astro, Jeff Forney, he's a crazy motherfucker we love him. Joey, from west of NY, NJ. Dragpipe. RT, Richie. Shout outs to the salt & pepper shaker. Tommy Lee, Vince Neal, Green Bay Packers. Goodluck to you Flyers. To that girl who gave me my first hummer in Minisota. To my x-girlfriends who I've shown my friends naked pictures of. To all the girls that we've bonked one way or another. We're all related. And to all the girls who have fucked a Sex Slave. To Don Hill, himself. Ronnie. Tommy USA. To cousin Bruce who lit a torch on stage. To Blitch from Drop Dead Gorgeous. We like Jenna Detox, she's hot. The hot bartenders at Continental. To the hot bartenders all over New York City, I don't care where you are hiding, I'm gonna get you. Adam Curry. Cane from K-Rock. To Roger. To Vic Thrill and Johnny Dex. To Niki Cane. Scarlet, Dave. To Brian Jones, we know you are still alive. Jim Morrisson. Glen Danzig, Glen Worzig, Glen Tipton, Glen Campbell.Glenfiddich, Glenlivet, Jack Daniels, Jagermeister, Jack Shit. To aural sex, blow jobs, to eating pussy. All the time. Fucking girls in the ass. To staying in bed. On a rainy day, just stay in bed and just fuck all the time. To Odin. To Lubricant. To Fasterpussycat. To American Spirits. To the Toilet Boys. To Romeo. Clairol Ultress hair dye. Manic Panic. To a good replacement to our bassplayer. Inner City Raiders. Jen Dixon. The NY Waste. Starr Tucker. To all the bands that had to follow us, we're sorry. Follow us at your own risk. Trigger, he says we are his favorite band.

Bry'n: What we do is simple. We just play our fuckin' instruments.

Eric: If it's so easy, why doesn't everybody do it.

Bry'n: There's a lot of good bands out there, but you can't remember one of their songs. If you can't remember it, then what's the point of making it in the first place.

Bry'n: It's all about now. N.O.W.

Someone broke into 00Sex's car and ripped off all her dancing clothes. Now we know you just want her to be in the nude and stole her clothes so she would have none to wear, but, come on lads, give 'em back. Poor girl. If it's not you, why not just send money to the band to fund some more. Oh, Just send money to the band anyway, you know you don't really need it, right!

BTW, Les Paul is the guitar flavor of this band. One guitar is broken, so go on, sponsor them, give 'em one! Or money!

Eric: 00Sex in a really intelligent girl. She's an acomplished actress, stage director, writer.

Bry'n: The one thing we have is that we really have a lot of fun on stage and we are best of friends. That really makes it what it is. You get into most bands and you become friends because you are in the band with people, you're kinda forced to get along, it's like being on the 'Real World'. But we were already mates before the band. That makes everything just work fine. Come to the Sex Slaves show, I guarantee you'll have a good time.

We're talking having sex. We're talking about having girlfriends, we're talking about looking at other girls. It's real life shit, man. People think it's a gimmick, but read the lyrics, it's all real.

"I pretend when we're in bed that you're someone else insted."

"Maybe a girl I knew, and never met before."

Bry'n: It's a breakup song. Changing seasons. Going thru the motions and there's no more reasons to be in it.

Eric: I think really seriously about the Sex Slave songs, they are serious because every person I've ever known, if they're a school teacher, if they're an accountant, they're a rockn'roller, they're a bartender, it speaks to everyone of those people. Everyone has relationships with girls, or guys, or if you are single and you like to go out... Ultimately everyone's looking for love, wheather it's disguised in being a dog and trying to get laid, or whether you're looking for a relationship... That's what our songs are about. Everybody does it.

"It's 2 am, I wanna call you up, get you get you to my house so we can fuck all through the night and in the morning."

Bry'n: when we write songs, we can't say he wrote that, or I wrote this, it all becomes one. We write as one. And to tell you the truth, we can't even remember which one wrote the songs.


Best gig to see 'em at:
Xmas Toy Drive Continental Toilet Boys Sex Slaves December 27th.