The First Annual VDOS Top Ten CD Review
By Vanessa Daughter of Satan

December 2001

Hey kiddies!!! Summer is here, and so I compiled this list of great shit for ya to listen to. I picked who I wanted in this, so you know I have seen these bands first, and I think they are all great. Unfortunately, however, I had too many bands and had to be cut down to 10. If I didn't get ya in this time, I'll get ya in next time.

All the Pretty Horses: Creature
Dark Glam and Transgender at it's finest!!! Everything about this CD rocks hard!!

Atomic Number 76: Atomic Number 76
Classic Hard Rock. Perfect to listen to when you're in the mood for good hard rock.

Charm School: More of the Dumb Stuff
High energy Punk Rock meets Blondie. This will knock your pants right off!

Downpore: Portrait of a Sideshow Freak
Rock and Roll with a gothic twist. If you feel like a freak, you'll feel better after hearing this CD.

The Drossells: Wild, Knocked Out, Crazy
Good old fashioned Rock and Roll with a saxophone and 2 lead singers to totally rock your world.

Eastman DC Hardcore: Eastman DC Hardcore
This one is actually a DVD, but definitely worth picking up!!! If you like Bad Brains, You'll LOVE these guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nuff Said.

Midnight Creeps: Doomed From the Get Go
Sex and sleaze meet Hard Core to chew you up and spit you out.

Molotov Cocktail: Once Upon a Time In America
Not for the faint of heart. Hate. Anger. Anti-Government! This is a perfect Hard Core album. BUY IT!

The New York Relx: She's Got a Gun/Paranoia
This album not only kicks ass, it kicks ass hard and will knock you into tomorrow. Definitely worth getting.

The Ninth House: Swim in the Silence
Gothic rock with a vengeance. What else can I say, these guys are just amazing!

This Time: The Evolution EP
Former members of Mischief Brian and Roger regrouped to make This Time, and This Time they still kick ass!!