World Famous *BOB*
Interviewed by Miss Adena

*BOB*: I’m from California. I grew up on a farm on the Central Coast, “Passarobles?”
Miss Adena:  I’m from Burbank!
*BOB*: Oh, nearby!
Miss Adena:  Yeah, it’s so funny, what a trip! Yeah, I’m a little California girl! So, how much do you compare NY to the rest of the world?
*BOB*: I don’t think there’s a comparison. I think NY is pretty much it. I loved Paris. Paris is really exciting. There’s a lot of the world that I saw that’s “scene.” but I don’t think there’s the magic that’s in NY, I haven’t really seen it or felt it anywhere else. There’s something definitely magical. The Mexican food in California is way better though! New York cannot put together a Burrito to save their life! But, there are other things.
Miss Adena:  And the weather too…
*BOB*: I love snow! I love it! I love it soo much I think it’s really romantic!
Miss Adena:  It is…
*BOB*: It’s beautiful…
Miss Adena:  So what do you think makes a person sexy? And why?
*BOB*: Their attitude, definitely. I just think if somebody has self-confidence that that’s sexy; the exterior is such a minimal factor involved. I know soo many times, I’ve met really physically gorgeous people and they open their mouths and I cannot run away fast enough, I’m like aghhh! Vacant lot, hello, space for rent! I’m like, okay, next! And I find little oddities charming too, like crooked teeth, or face or, that’s actually in now.
Miss Adena:  Quirks.
*BOB*: Yah, I like people with personality more than perfection.
Miss Adena:  Do you have any role models?
*BOB*: One of my role models is Anna Nicole Smith. Congratulations girl! She got the money! Actually for different reasons… The first time I opened up a magazine and saw her, it just made me excited that someone, to my knowledge, without an eating disorder was actually displayed in a glamorous position. For the full figured gal, I think she’s definitely an icon. Also, the obvious people, May West, because she’s strong and sassy and she pushed the limit and she kept her sexiness while doing it. I feel like, sometimes there’s this attitude that to be strong and feminine you have to sacrifice some of the glamour and I really feel that to have the whole package is the big picture. To have the sexiness and glamour and the sassiness and the practicality and the power mixed in. To me, the strongest women are May West, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield. People who have been classified as dumb blonds; I think some of the smartest people in the world are dumb blonds.
Miss Adena:  Oh, yeah, definitely, they know how to work it.
*BOB*: Yes. They can harness their feminine energy, like their sexuality and use it. And Angeline, the billboard queen of Hollywood. The first time I saw her, quick story… The first time I saw her I was sixteen years old, I’d just moved to Hollywood, I’d lived on the farm and I moved to Hollywood because I was bored, I was like “I can’t do this anymore.” I was at Pavilion grocery shop and she was in an aisle, totally done to the nines, I had no idea who she was, she was just pushing her shopping cart and it was empty. I just stood there and I looked at myself in my eighties leggings and my two for five dollar pair of earrings and I looked up at her and I was like, “One day I’m going to be that amazing.” She’s had a huge influence on me. Last time I was in LA, we actually had dinner, I interviewed her.
Miss Adena:  Was she nice?
*BOB*: She was actually really nice and she’s actually very spiritual which I was not surprised by at all.
Miss Adena:  I’ve met her too, I’ve seen her around in her pink Corvette.
*BOB*: She’s amazing.
Miss Adena:  She’s really cool.
*BOB*: She’s doing art now. Self-portraits.
Miss Adena:  If you could be Queen for just one day, what would you do and why?
*BOB*: I’m not?
Miss Adena:  That’s awesome.
*BOB*: Snacky, (Jack Daniels’ (pussy cat) AKA) Mommy’s not queen.
Miss Adena:  So what’s your favorite thing about New York?
*BOB*: One of my favorite things about New York is being able to hear five different languages in one block. Diversity. And another thing, the spirit of the people here. The people have a lot of spunk. This is kinda like the magnet, where all the misfits get drawn to. And although it is hard during these Giulliani days, during this whole “quality of live” era which I’m strongly opposing at this moment, oh, don’t get me started. There is still the conservative fist slamming down on the Art-Gay-Rock & Roll community. Every community that doesn’t think like the conservative people in this town, there’s still a real hash in there. Plus it really helps that people really get me here.
Miss Adena:  They get you here…
*BOB*: Yeah, like my sense of humor, it’s appreciated. It’s a pretty smart town. There’s an audience for anything here. I just love that, it’s not limited.
Miss Adena:  What kind of music do you listen to?
*BOB*: My favorite band is Chicks On Speed. They’re from Munich, Germany. They’re Electro-Pop. I listen to everything from Jazz to New Wave to Black Metal, I’m a very diverse type gal. To me music is the soundtrack for my life; I think a lot of people see it that way too. I often think that my life’s a movie, so I pick the soundtrack for that day or that moment, sometimes it’s Billy Holiday, sometimes it’s Black Sabbath, that’s just the way it goes.
Miss Adena:  What do you think the ideal woman is, or should be?
*BOB*: Free. Just not hung up on what society thinks she should be. Expressed. Like completely out there and confident. And I really don’t think it hurts to wear a lot of make-up. I’m a big fan of make-up. I mean the natural looks fine for the morning, but if you’re hitting the pavement Girl… I’m a big fan of Glamour. I think the ideal woman should just be proud of herself.
Miss Adena:  Cool.
*BOB*: And celebrate that.
Miss Adena:  If you won the Lottery, how would you spend the money?
*BOB*: Oh, I’m so excited you asked me this question. I’ve totally thought about it. The first thing I would do is buy a loft, because I don’t believe in paying rent, I wanna be a self sustaining girl, I hate paying rent, so I’d buy a loft apartment, and then, with the rest of the money, I would start a grant that would actually lend financial assistance and aid to people who were in need of transsexual operations. I’d like to start a foundation. Because I just feel that America doesn’t have much assistance for that and I’ve seen what some of the girls have to go through in order to raise the funds. There would, of course, be counseling and there would be red tape to go through, there would be a process, it wouldn’t be just handing out the money, but, I would love to start a foundation and actually encourage and gain interest from the community or from different gay and lesbian transgenders associations and actually have a foundation that continues, that would lend some or partial financial assistance so that maybe people who were entering the process of changing their sexual identity. To me those people are heroes, and I just feel America just turns their nose towards them. From what I’ve heard a lot of countries handle that differently, so I think it would be great to start something like that.
Miss Adena:  Is there any one piece of advice you’d like to give our readers?
*BOB*: Do it while you can. And “it” is your dreams. We really don’t know if we have tomorrow, so do it while you can. And if people say you can’t do it, do it twice as well. Do it twice and hard and just show them.

Three months ago, I started my own production company called Pet The Kitty Productions. I produce Burlesque Variety shows. That’s the last Thursday every month at the Slipper Room, on Orchard at Stanton. They are usually about 45 minute long Cabaret style Burlesque shows. I’ve been really active in the Burlesque community lately, I went over to the West Coast to participate in the Velvet Hammer, a once a year Burlesque event, really amazing. I also, in relation to that, started my own business called *BOB*’s Bizarre Burlesque. I just realized that my phone book is actually gold! My different burlesque acts, and all the people that I book for my shows, I thought, this would be great at private parties, birthday parties and different things like that. So I’m incorporating myself. That’s available now.
Miss Adena:  If people want to get hold of you, how?  Though your website? And your Hotline?
*BOB*: My Hotline is: The World Famous *BOB*: at 212-502 1190.

Cover Picture: Lucky Lawler ©2000