BRASS by Helen Walsh 

This is a wild one. This takes you, no- sucks you into Millie's life growing up in Liverpool, England. (Think Beatles accent when reading this.) At nineteen she's acquired a serious "Fuck You" attitude to get herself through the hurts of life after her mom left home.

Sex, booze, drugs, more sex, and particularly, a fascination with the whores of Merseyside. This dropping to the depths of depravity gets her head around the deceptions of her mom, dad, and best friend Jamie, at the cost of being thrown out of college. Helen Walsh handles it from Millie and Jamie's point of view, whose marriage to a nail salon girl looming up on the horizon, is breaking their friendship apart.

This is hard edged, sexually graphic- did I say hard? Some may find it shocking.

Is this what being a 'grrrl' growing up in today is? Well, for some...

Ever been on a serious bender, or wondered what it's like - then this one's for you!

When you think about how, not so long ago, women were not able to write such graphic detail, except under a pseudo- a man's name... This is new breed of female writers has a total fucken attitude. This way is beyond women's lib.

Be warned... This is hot!

Lucky Lawler, New York Waste

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