Mick Farren's DNA Cowboys Trilogy

Publishers: The Do-Not Press /Dufour Editions

a NYWaste book review by Lucky Lawler

First published in 1976-77, it's time this trilogy saw the light of today. One just hopes that his prophetic science fiction doesn't actually come true, although events dictate we're not so far off right now.

Look, wouldn't you like the convenience of getting your stuff from Stuff Central? Everything you need or want, when you need it, just like that? Yeah, well, doesn't that also seem a little fishy? When these two dudes get bored and decide to leave their perfect suburban town to see what's beyond the 'nothings', was it this radical thought that started the craziness and destruction of the world as we know it? Will Reave & Billy save the world, save their own skins, or just say fuck it & drink themselves into oblivion? Are these not questions we ask ourselves everyday? They hitch rides with Wheelfreaks, get caught up in wars, become entrapped by a sadistic child woman, hang out in bars & hooker hotels in a world serviced by genetically engineered soldiers, servants & slaves where they encounter Ninja monks and total computer madness and make best friends with the Minstrel Boy as the disruptors eat reality for breakfast.

Way to go! I love it, It's one of those books that you don't want to finish, because then... it's finished! Well, it's finished now and I'm back to being a normal regular person again. Boring... Except, ahhh, Mick Farren is sticking a new novel up on the web, he's up to chapter 4 already!

Mick Farren, touted as 'the dark prince of pop fiction', really is the one of the lads with a history of great music (The Deviants) behind this great mind.

To find out more about this fine fellow and his latest online novel 'Slide On The Run' go to the Funtopia website:

Take the trip - it's well worth the ride!