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A Once Man Play by David Black

What does "Falling Off Broadway" have that "The Producers" doesn't? A real live Broadway producer. David Black, producer of 18 Broadway shows, tells his story with great honesty and humor. He never over indulges, but moves around the scenery of his life with a respect for the ghosts of his past that makes you feel as if you are there.

David Black’s worldly, personal, retrospective of his life’s work is a brilliant biography of a 1970’s Broadway Producer. From his start as the son of the leader of The Ethical Culture Society (he thought his father was God!), and an emerging Opera singer with a Harvard degree (imagine that!) this funny psycho-comedy chronicles the highs and lows of David Black's successes and failures.

In between his "falures" David Black wins Tony Awards and writes a best selling book. Famous actors and celebrities are part of the "Falling Off Broadway" story and to top it all off David Black becomes a painter after a breakdown at The Waldorf Astoria!

You will be able to see the result of his work since the backdrops of this one-man play are David Black’s paintings. They are sensitive, colorful portraits and landscapes illustrating his tales of life and are the perfect accompaniment to his scenario.

"Falling Off Broadway" is a must see. It will have you rolling in the aisles.

A resounding hit on both sides of the Atlantic! 

New Yorkers love it!

"The true story of a big-time Broadway producer who mistook his father for God-and whose mother left him out of her autobiography…lots of stories about juicy backstage-goings on."
Show Business Weekly
"David Black draws in his audience with a light-hearted joie de vivre, like a Mr. Rogers with flair."

In Falling Off Broadway David Black covers his life at Harvard, a stint in Europe singing opera and his unlikely role producing Richard Nixon's first inauguration. But the meat of the show is choosing scripts and waiting in Sardi's restaurant for the press agent to bring the newspaper with the inevitable pan.”
NY Times

"A brilliant biography of a Broadway producer. Falling Off Broadway  is a must see! It will have you rolling in the aisles!"

"Many a juicy backstage story!"

Londoners love it! 

"A toast to Broadway! The stories are looped together like pearls on a superstar's necklace."
Evening Standard
"Pure pleasure! You couldn't make this stuff up!"
Time Out (London)
"Black is indomitable!"
The Stage
"Will have you in stitches! Excruciatingly funny!"
Hackney Gazette