D'Art of Harkness

by Philip Hartigan

Guitar Sounds

By Philip Hartigan

 He's in his bedroom
teaching himself the electric guitar .
Burning the names of guitar heroes into the flesh of his life.
Can't blame him , I did the same
Sleepy John Estes was always beside my bed .

Zee zee rider ,zee what you have done,
Bukka White will give you such a smooth ride
that you will never be so happy happy blues.
When she shoot you with her nasty arse you can sing dee blues .
Muddy your Waters my little one .
You who look like me and have just watched Jimmy Page for the first time .
The best time, never to recover now you are bitten .
You who are bitten by the bitter horizons teeth
that determines a friendless life.
Love the blues and live forever . I

t would have been better to have tempted you with Breugel
or Leonardo, perhaps? but then where's the juice .
To look at the middle ages and watch it being re run on television
again and again . The plague . The reformation . The crusades . The fucking apocalyptique
dog's breakfast that is the inheritance for all the kids .
So I offer you Lightnin' Hopkins .Texas Flood and Stevie Ray , a six pack
but you don't know when to stop .
Like father like son .
Ride on my sweet angel . Did I ever tell you about the time
that me an Rory Gallagher got raving pissed

Philip Hartigan Marseille 2004

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