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A live theatrical work presented as part of the exhibition


by Rafael Sanchez

playing October 8, 9, 10

at 9:30pm

Starring Robert Lund as the DJ, somehow this sounds like real life, but it is far from the norm. This is total surrealism. It features, Specks of Dust (Naomi Watanabe) sweet as an angel, The Wind (Scot Wright) a very convincing wind with a luring darkness about him, just like the wind. Dust Chorus (Kathleen White, Robert Appleton & Seth Abramson) very beautiful bits of fluff, The Bohemian (Rafael Sanchez) in a tutu and the most dramatic beard 'n' tash you could ever want to see on a bohemian.
While waiting, the main balloon took on a life of it's own. Climbing down the wall, wanting to interact with the audience. It was a very Magritte moment. The whole thing, the Wind and Dust lipsinking to the music of Nico and Lou Reed, was an ode to surrealism. Haunting.