Look what I found in me box this month...



FIXER sends me "All The Pleasure That You Crave", a massive mix of post punk, 80's metal and power pop that shows no signs of stopping. Melodic grooves and street smart tunes, these boys are out to take over the world. Check ‘em out and tell them the Waste sent ya.

If twang in your thang, check out THE FLAPJACKS and their latest "Move To Mars". Red hot rockabilly that will have ya chillin, big vocals, bigger guitars and slappin bass. These boys are living proof that Elvis was an alien.
Last Chance Records
PO Box 42396, Portland OR 97242
Hot, hot, hot... HONOR AMONG THIEVES sends me their latest demo. Cherokee's vocals are divine and the boys keep it rocking, a late night sound that will knock ya down. Check them out rocking the city that never sleeps and tell ‘em Starr sent ya.
"I Only Wrote This Song For You", A TRIBUTE TO JOHNNY THUNDERS. Featuring PATTI PALLADIN, WAYNE KRAMER, DAVID JOHANSEN, SYLVAIN SYLVAIN, THE RAMONES, and WALTER LURE AND THE WALDOS just to name a few on this must have disc. Seventeen songs from across the pond... from beyond the grave.

diesel motor records

"New York, New York..." check out THE BEST OF KEVIN K. Some call him French Thunder, we call him one of the best guitarists to ever throw down. Fifteen hits from 1996 to 2002, including one previously unreleased track. So what are you waiting for? Run down to your local disc dealer and get yours!
Purrrrr... KITTIE sends me "Until The End". A extra heavy mix of septic vocals, hell on earth guitars and deadly drums letting everyone know that death metal is not just a boys sport. These girls are out for blood.


The LADYKILLERS send me "Welcome To Rock-N-Roll Kid". Hints of old and new, post punkers on a 1950's kick - good songs that must be great live. So when are ya coming to town?
File under what the fuck... DAVID THOMAS & TWO PALE BOYS send me "18 MONKEYS ON A DEAD MAN'S CHEST". A deranged collection of instruments and lyrics that isn't afraid to go there. Electronic, punk jazz that fails and soars. Go fish.
"Who Will Be The Lucky Pierre?" comes my way from the MUDDY RIVER NIGHTMARE BAND. Hellstompin', ass rockin, punk-a-billy that keeps it evil, heavy and insane. Black nights and cheap beer, these boys got your back.
Last Chance Records
PO Box 42396, Portland OR 97242
Power popin... THE PRIMMS sends me their latest demo. Soft underneath and hard in all the right places, fun driving songs that stagger and sway. From the U.K. and ready to play.

Coming soon to a venue near you!

Come on... you know you love to hate him. Fat Wreck Chords sends me ROCK AGAINST BUSH, Vol 2. Featuring such heavy hitters as GREEN DAY, BAD RELIGION, OPERATION IVY, DROPKICK MURPHYS, FOO FIGHTERS, RANCID, BOUNCING SOULS, THE DWARVES, SICK OF IT ALL, and NO DOUBT - so, what are we doing covering it? Oh yeah, we love to hate Bush!
"Screwed Again" comes to me from SAMMYTOWN JONES. A backwoods heep of hillbilly and hardcore that will leave ya smilin or running for the door. Blood and guts tunes from the other side of the tracks... moonshine not included.
We all know a few of these... the SKIRT CHASIN' DRUNKS send me their latest demo. Bar room rock-n-blues, fast and slow to match your mood. Well crafted songs from the drunk at the end of the bar.
Now this is more like it - THE FUX's latest has everyone here at Waste central bouncing off the walls. Balls, guitars and killer songs... pure punk for the spiky, died and dirty. This stuff is great!
Ready or not... here comes the TOILET BOYS, "The Early Years". Seventeen drop dead tunes featuring all the hits and several live tracks to help ya flashback. Gorgeous rock from one of the best looking bands in the biz.
Get ready for WORLD WAR 9 "Panic Attack", garbage punk for all you wasted drunks, hardcore nuts and misfit sluts. Sick, slick and scary these guys are on to something, or on something - either way this shit friggin rocks!


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