Look what I found in me box this month...


A madcap mix of the bizarre and the beautiful. ALICE DONUT sends me "Three Sisters". Infectious riffs, haunting vocals and a kick ass groove - these guys are one of the best 'unknowns' on the planet. Check 'em out and tell them the Waste sent ya.
Songs from the new American landscape... "The Heat" comes to me from JESSE MALIN. Well crafted stories of love, life and fucking up - powerful and passionate, nyc country folk rock from the heart.
STERLING ROSWELL sends me "The Psychedelic Ubik". A spaced out assemblage of jangely chords, ethereal vocals and after hours beats. Strange mod sounds from across the pond... if you like 'em weird, this one's for you.
Ready to take you on... ROCKETS AND CARS send me "Conversation at 30,000 Feet". A driving collection of rock that rolls through the night. Radio friendly power pop that shows no signs of stopping.
Here's a band that lives up to its name - PIGMY LOVE CIRCUS sends me "The Power of Beef". Full on rock-n-death with all the trimmings. Highlights include 'Drug Run to Fontana' and 'Highway Man'. Oh yeah, it features Danny Carey from Tool on drums.
Check out "Death Rattle & Roll - Vol. 1" featuring BOTTLES & SKULLS, BLACK FURIES, THE AMPUTEES, DIRTY POWER and the FLESHIES just to name a few. 30 drop dead tunes for the spikey, died and dirty. More bang for your buck with none of that MTV bullshit... so what are you waiting for?
PO Box 470153, San Francisco CA 94147
Like a boot to the skull... DEFIANCE sends me "A Decade of Defiance 1993 - 2003 - Complete Singles Collection". Ripping guitars and racing vocals - hitting heavy with no excuses. Look for them at your local police line-up.
Just in time for hurricane season... "The Oncoming Storm" is the latest metal monster from UNEARTH. Lightening guitars, razor blade vocals and powerful songs
- these boys deliver.
TEXAS THIEVES send me "Killer On Craigs List". Snappy post punk with somthing to prove. Attitude and stolen licks... they remind me of something. Give 'em a couple years and a lot more cheap beer.
Dr. Strange Records PO Box 1058, Alta Loma CA 91701
One disc, two albums "Freak Show" & "Crawling Blind" come to me from THE FREEZE. Garage punk with a punch, crusher guitars and solid drumming. A little twisted, college friendly, angry but inviting. This stuff must be great live.
Dr. Strange Records PO Box 1058, Alta Loma CA 91701
Friggin ahh... THE RITES send me "Wish You Never Knew". Wonderful aggression, a fast and ferocious mix of septic speed and doom. Pure saturation for the darker senses.
This month's soundtrack to a speeding ticket goes to AMPS II ELEVEN. Street smart guitars and hellbound vocals. A 3 AM sound that grinds and rocks with the best of 'em.
Welcome to "Rose City Hard Core" from THE ESCAPED. A killer sound to tear ya down, rockin rage with a whole lot of heavy. If your tired of the day to day - then it's time to escape.

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