Trans-mission 2009 interview


Freaky Sleazy Rock’n’Roll

The fabulous Trans-Mission are about to arrive in New York City from across the Atlantic.
They have just released their fourth album entitled “The Midnite Squeeze” an album which celebrates the hour of Midnite.
The band release albums via their own label “mad trap records” which has a distribution deal with City Hall in San Francisco.
All album focus for the group centers on the major US coastal cities and their hometown of London in the UK where they perform live regularly to an increasing following. Though they do not have much interest or are themselves interested in the remainder of the UK. This is a metropolistic pleasure.
They play Sleazy Freaky Rock’n’Roll and like to wear Trash and Vaudeville clothes. bought on frequent trips to New York and the live shows this month are designed to coincide with the release of the new album.
Sales of the last album “A Night at the theatre ends in murder” were strong on the US coasts and pre-order interest is growing for the new release.
There are also plans for a visit to New Jersey radio station WFMU during the trip in which an interview and radio unveiling of the album shall take place.

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What are you looking forward to the most from the upcoming New York shows?
Jim: Exploring the NY live music scene, checking out some new bands (in particular “The Vondells”) and extracting a reaction to our sound in New York. Paul: Playing to a new crowd outside of London, with a set list drawing on the latest and previous CDs. seeing the other bands on the bill and checking out the NY music scene. Dave: Playing to a whole new audience who haven’t seen us before  Kev: A full house at Trash Bar on Saturday night, it’s going to be one of those shows to remember. All four of us playing in another City always means trouble look forward to finding out what!

How does the new album differ from the last release in the US?
Jim: A night at the theatre was more story based and this is probably more life based. However I think there is definite part 1 and part 2 feel to a very decadent story. This album is probably heavier than the last. Paul: Less ‘mini’ and more ‘album’. Recorded through 2009, 10 songs reflecting the ups and downs of another Trans-Mission year. Dave: It’s longer, more consistent (quality wise) and more experimental (sound-wise!) Kev: It’s just simply the best thing we’ve done so far, 2009 was a tough year for us in our personal lives, and the Squeeze was a pleasant distraction and a great way to let off some steam ‘Trash, Sassy. Minx’ is a typical example. We’re very much influenced by New York bands and I think it shows in this album.

Seeing as it is Valentines week are any of you looking for any favorable female action on the tour?
Jim: What are you saying I’m not that kind of girl! Paul: This is where we say we’re all single like all good boy bands (don’t want to upset those female fans, right?). Kev: We’ll I am single (well in New York that is) so let’s see what happens. It’s rude not to at least consider any offers that come my way. My room number is 69 baby!

What’s next for Trans-Mission in 2010?
Jim: Psychotherapy then followed by lots of writing, putting on our own club nights in London, promoting “The Midnite Squeeze” in the US and if were still alive another tour at some point. Paul: Another new direction? Out with the drummer, in with the drum machines and synths? Very 2010. Dave: Liver transplants Kev: As well as all the music we are also going to be making a Promo, and start cutting the Trans-mission movie from hours and hours of film footage from the last 5 years. But everyone getting home in one piece and without a criminal record will be a start!

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How would you describe the music you play?
Jim: I have in the past tried to assume that music is always from the waist down though I feel what we do is a combination of that and also mental absorption. I want to continue to make music that liberates my imagination and continue performing in public in a socially dramatic context. Paul: It’s very us. I hope we don’t fit neatly into any boxes. Dave: Rock & Roll, experimental, noisy, fun! Kev: Jim Morrison on vocals, Pete Townsend on Guitar, Derek Smalls on Bass, and Animal from the moppets on drums

Check-out the Trans-Mission video “Way Out” on

Catch ‘em in NYC:

Feb 17
Kennys Castaway’s 7P
Feb 18
Ottos Shrunken Head 10P
Feb 20
Trash Bar 11:45pm

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