D'Art of Harkness

by Philip Hartigan

Illustrations by Luke Palermo

Four Quartets

It was a winter morning - A Red Flash

11 November 2012

Chuck Berry

Who is DSK

Next Things First 

The World Has Stood Still

Paradise Now and the Primrose Hill Encounter

Have a Care - Britain has Greatness

On the Beach 

Rock and Rollover at the Opera

Demoiselles D'Avignon I

Demoiselles D'Avignon II

Demoiselles D'Avignon III

CRS Queens vs the Sumerians

Full Metal

A Fork In The Road I

A Fork In The Road II

A Fork In The Road III

A fork In The road IV

It Has Decided To Get Hot...

A Long Way To Appamadox

A Story for Our Times - Title "Le Bar du Telephone"

First Rock and Roll Let Down

Autumn Color

Winter Morning

Guitar Sounds

Article about Philip:
King Henry?s Road Chilean refugees mural artist returns to support restoration

LA PRESS, septembre 2002

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